dasBlog 1.7.5016.2 released

We've released dasBlog 1.7.5016.2. This is a release to address almost every bug that was reported since releasing 1.7.5016.1. There is an important Cross Site Security Vulnerability fix in this release and it's recommended that everyone upgrade.

If you are running 1.7 already, the upgrade is a good old xcopy. It's important to note that there is a potential breaking change. If your homeTemplate.blogtemplate file contains the macro <%titleList%> you need to rename it to <%titleList()%>.

Enjoy! Thanks to all the folks that helped make this release happen (including everyone that tool the time to report bugs/problems).

Comments (6)

  1. Rob McEwen says:

    I’m new to dasBlog, but I’m very interested in using it because I’m an accomplished vb.net developer with some C# skills.

    I have two questions:

    (1) Is there any kind of import utility to convert a moveable type blog to dasBlog? If so, does it require access to the source files… or can it just be pointed to the URL?

    (2) Have you fixed the problems described here:



    Rob McEwen

  2. Omar Shahine says:

    (1) not that I know of. It should not be hard to write one though.

    (2) yes.

  3. Rob McEwen says:

    Thanks for answering. I have three more follow-up questions:

    (1) Is there any possible way to allow particular pre-determined html tags in the comments section? (Many, many commenters are accustomed to at least be able to bold or italizise stuff.)

    (2) I like that your anti-comment spam feature. However, I have a potential client who’s current blog software is suffering from huge numbers of automated comment spam… so much so that it has turned into a DOS attack on server resources. Therefore, is there anything in dasBlog that would prevent this? Ideally, it would be nice if the IP address of the commenter could be blacklisted after X number of blocked comments within X number of minutes (as well as X number of non-blocked comments within X number of minutes). (the same way that mailservers use tarpitting to prevent spammer’s virtual DOS attacks)

    (3) Do C# programmer find DasBlog to be extensible? (that is, without constantly breaking compatibility with upgrades). If so, is there an example website/blog of a C# developer who has added custom functionality to dasBlog and discussed it.

  4. Omar Shahine says:

    (1) No

    (2) There is IP Blocking that is turned off by default. It’s a binary setting though.

    (3) Yes, you can write your own Macros and have them live independantly of the app, and load them dynamically.

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