my iRiver H320 Post

It’s funny. It’s been a few months since I wrote about the iRiver H320. If you all recall, I’ve been reviewing devices as I buy them and seeing how they stack up against the iPod. I reviewed the H320, the Rio Carbon, and this week will publish a review of the Creative Zen Micro (sorry…


Mike gives Napster the boot

Mike ditched Napster To Go for the same reasons I did. However, I ditched them a few months ago when they were still in beta and I was beta testing the Creative Portable Media Center. I found lots of problems with Napster’s implementation and as such figured they would probably not fix them any time…

MSN Remote Record

MSN just keeps on cranking out goodness. Along with the Media Center folks, the Information Services folks collaborated to produce MSN Remote Record for Media Center 2005. It took my 5 min to download, install, add my wife’s passport as an additional account, and record my first show. Simply awesome!!! [via Sean Alexander]

Microsoft in the fight against HIV

Now this was a really welcome development to read this morning. This is freaking awesome. It’s amazing that software viruses basically mimic the behavior of real medical viruses and our leanings and attempts to fight software spam etc can be used to help doctors and researches fight HIV. I wonder if this kind of work…


Etymotic ER6 vs. Bose QuietComfort II

I’m sitting on an Alaska Airlines flight up to Seattle right now and figure it’s a good time to put my two headphones to the test. I’ve owned both the QuietComfort I and II headphones for the past few years. Recently I purchased the Etymotic ER6’s and love them but I have not had a…


Real World Camera Raw

Since getting my Nikon D70 I have struggled with different image editing applications to process the RAW images. For a while I was using Nikon Capture 4.1, but was never satisfied with the application due to it’s many bugs, quirks, and horrible user interface. While I owned Adobe Photoshop CS, I didn’t use it much…


dasBlog 1.7.5016.2 released

We’ve released dasBlog 1.7.5016.2. This is a release to address almost every bug that was reported since releasing 1.7.5016.1. There is an important Cross Site Security Vulnerability fix in this release and it’s recommended that everyone upgrade. Release Notes Version History Download If you are running 1.7 already, the upgrade is a good old xcopy….


Green Cups

This week at work we had a small change to our cups. For the last 6 years I have been drinking from an orange cup. This week they were green :-).  


SourceForge and Hotmail delivery problems resolved

I have to say, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of support and professionalism at SourceForge (where dasBlog is hosted). For the past few weeks I’ve been unable to send mail to any of our hosted mailing lists from my Hotmail account. I filed a support ticket and after some back and forth, Ari…


ClearContext Survey

The folks at ClearContext have posted a survey about e-mail usage. As you probably know, at this point I rely on ClearContext to help me with my email. When I returned to work from my excellent snowboarding trip I was greeted with > 300 unread messages in my inbox. This is for 2.5 business days….