Windows Indexing Service + ASP.NET = CannotDebug

Agrhhhhh! This is why I hate computers sometimes. Based on this post that I saw a few days ago I enabled the Indexing Service on Windows XP. Well all of a sudden I started getting:

Parser Error Message: Access is denied: [name of .dll here]

When debugging dasBlog. For 2 freaking hours I tried to figure out what was wrong, and then thanks to google found this.

"If you use Index Server, you can exclude the Temporary ASP.NET Files directory from the folders that the Index Server scans. To do so, follow these steps."

Lets see, the Indexing service is disabled by default. I enabled it so that I can use it. Why else would I do this? And why can't aspnet_regiis exclude this directory from the Indexing Service? I hate computers sometimes.

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  1. Amr Salah says:

    I know many who has this problem , for me i created an application pool under IIS6 , and made it run under localsystem instead of networkservice , then assigned this pool to the application that has the error ,this solved it at once .

    thanks to all

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