Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies Article

Everything you wanted to know about the Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies (ignore if you aren't writing a managed code for Office).

"Learn how to get and install the Office 2003 primary interop assemblies (PIAs), and how to reference and troubleshoot them."

Of course it won't address the issues Josh raised.

Comments (2)

  1. issues like they are a pathetic mess that MS should be shamed of?

    NOthing like hacking out a bunch of PIAs that require everything to be an object instead of what they really were.

    You might be excused for the Office XP PIAs being a rush, but the Office 2k3 ones are just shamefull.

    End result? I’ve written my own that actually work, are bug free, work with 2005 correctly unlike the ones that come with office 2k3, can be redistributed correctly instead of requiring them to be installed with Office, and aren’t a mess.

    i.e. what you guys should be doing and appologizing for foisting crap on your users.

  2. Ease up there Mr. Hancock. The big problem with the 2003 PIA’s is not in their implementation, but in MS’s deployment recommendations. I don’t know if it breaks the EULA or not, but deploying the 2003 PIA’s as private assemblies in your own AppDomain works fine for OfficeXP and 2003 as long as you are using features common to both. I just wish they’d release a PIA pack that had their blessing for private deployment in conjunction with the shim wizard.

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