Picasa 2 supports RAW

Finally, a *free* photo album tool that supports RAW images like those from my Nikon D70!


update: it appears Picasa does not support auto rotation of images. That sort of bums me out. The data is there, not sure why they would not take advantage of it.

Comments (3)

  1. Alex Black says:

    heh. photoshop elements/album supports rotation too.

  2. Isaack says:

    When I tried the first Picassa, I noticed that in the image browser, it was suggesting with a shadow copy, all the images that needed to be rotated – to be rotated. Which is kinda odd, since my kamera DSC-T1 is not supposed to have the HW.

    So I’m wondering how it could suggest that. I have not been able to verify this… and I’m hoping to learn WTH was going on there…

  3. Cliff says:

    Picasa 2 is awesome! A near perfect application in every sense of the way. My only small complaint is that you can only backup photos (whiched worked flawlessly on my DVD burner), but you cannot archive photos (that is to say burn and remove the originals leaving a thumbnail reference).

    Oddly enough, Picasa doesn’t give you the option of naming the DVD either, instead calling each disc Picasa CD (which isn’t very useful when you need to hunt for images you’ve removed locally). But you can use other applications to create catalogs of removeable media – you just don’t get the thumbnails.



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