Windows Indexing Service + ASP.NET = CannotDebug

Agrhhhhh! This is why I hate computers sometimes. Based on this post that I saw a few days ago I enabled the Indexing Service on Windows XP. Well all of a sudden I started getting: Parser Error Message: Access is denied: [name of .dll here] When debugging dasBlog. For 2 freaking hours I tried to…


How the Moleskine Rocked My World

It’s so weird how a small black book and a nice pen can change things. Since graduating from college I have increasingly gone “all digital”. No more paper, vacuum tubes, tapes etc etc. However, in this process I have tried to cram the needs of my life into a set of rather restrictive tools, at…


Staying on the Getting Things Done Wagon

Scoble just mentioned that he’d fallen off the Getting Things Done wagon. This is dangerous. Since I started last march I have never fallen off the wagon. I have been bad about my weekly review of the task list, and I generally add more tasks to my task list then I complete, but I have…


My New Etymotic Headphones

I have owned the Bose Noise QuietComfort I and II for a while now. A few weeks ago (at Macworld) I purchased the Etymotic ER 6 isolator earphones for $99. I seriously love these headphones. I did not get the white ones (ER 6i) because they were designed to compensate for deficiencies in the iPod (from what…


Favorite FireFox feature

This has to be my favorite feature (I don’t really use FireFox, but just started to play around with it). I am always looking for specific text in a web page, and I hate doing the Control-F, rinse, repeat mechanism to find something. FireFox has this nice feature where you can just start typing the text and…


Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies Article

Everything you wanted to know about the Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies (ignore if you aren’t writing a managed code for Office). “Learn how to get and install the Office 2003 primary interop assemblies (PIAs), and how to reference and troubleshoot them.” Of course it won’t address the issues Josh raised.


Unlimited Photo Backup/Gallery (SmugMug)

I can’t believe I just found out about this! SmugMug is an online photo site like Shutterfly or Ofoto with some BIG differences. For $29.95 a year you can store unlimited photos! That’s right, simply start your uploads, and they will store full resolution versions of your pics as long as they are around. For…


MovableType Blacklist for .NET

As I promised, here is the code for the MovableType Blacklist that I wrote for dasBlog. There are three pieces to it: the IBlackList interface The MovableTypeBlacklist class The Factory Class that holds an instance of the MovableTypeBlacklist and the ReferralUrlBlacklist Feel free to use in your ASP.NET application.


dasBlog 1.7 questions and answers

First of all, the community reaction to dasBlog Community Edition 1.7 has been great! I’m delighted that people have been able to move with little trouble. However, a number of folks have asked some questions and I’d like to answer some of those. Question: What happened to the Attachment feature, and what is this new Enclosure…


ClearContext to deal with E-mail

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, and reading John’s post on Microsoft’s Email Culture finally motivated me to do so. I’m particularly interested in talking about how I deal with “Ignore Incoming Email” since that can be a major distraction. It’s been almost a year since I started using Getting Things Done. Overall…