Outlook Folder List Weirdness

Sometimes software just baffles me. A few days ago, my Outlook 2003 decided to quit remembering the collapsed state of my mail folders in the folder list. Just like that. Sometime last week. Basically, no matter how I change the folder expand/collapse state, whenever I quit and launch Outlook they are exactly where they were when I launched the previous time.

Now, this problem does not happen on 2 of my computers, just my laptop. I spent some time pulling my hair out and did what any good geek does when they can't fix something. I pave'd my machine using Remote Installation Services at work, installed a fresh copy of Tablet SP2, and then installed Office. Guess what? Problem still happens. I can't believe it. This problem really has me stumped. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do about it?

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  1. manukhanna says:

    Try reinstalling OfficeXP in some other partition?

    ok, now then problem i have been facing, all the system folders in O2K3, sent items, Inbox etc. have been renamed on their own. How do i change their names back to the default?

    my e-mail is khannamanu@gmail.com

    Do you want a GMAIL invite as a Christmas present? Cause I can give you one.

  2. Any chance you have an Outlook add-in on that one particular machine (or other software that interacts w/ Outlook) that you don’t have on the other two?

  3. Did you install the MSN Outlook Connector? I’ve noticed on all the machines I’ve installed it on that Outlook no longer remembers the folder view (it’s always the same as the last view I had before installing the connector).

  4. Omar Shahine says:

    Well I have the problem with a totally clean machine, no connector and have the problem. I also have the connector on three machines, and only the laptop has problems.

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