Mouse goodies

This past weekend I picked up the new Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse. This thing is very cool. Has a little wireless transceiver that attaches to the mouse and turns off the optical part so you can transport it.

Another recent discovery is that IntelliPoint 5.2 added back functionality that shipped a year or so ago but was subsequently removed. You can now customize the mouse hardware buttons on a per application basis. One customization I make is I hardwire the back button to delete messages in Outlook, and the forward button to space through messages for reading in the preview pane. It lets me drive outlook for a long time w/o touching the keyboard ;-).

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  1. uwe says:

    From the page: "…Many users experience three months of battery life!…".

    Sound to me "…but only if they keep the batteries locked in a safe place, away from their mouse…" 😉

  2. iain says:

    OK, so I can assign ‘delete’ – but how do you assign ‘space’?

  3. Several Comments:

    1. When can we expect a bluetooth mouse/keyboard update? I want a ergo bluetooth mouse/keyboard combo. That’s what it’s for, and you guys have one kit, that is not ergo and is ancient. Time for a refresh. All of this wireeless stuff should be bluetooth only. No 27mhz stuff at all.

    2. When can we expect a bluetooth notebook mouse? Then there is no stupid dongle at all.

    3. Intelipoint 5.2 crashes at least 4 times a week on me.

    4. The new wireless comfort keyboard has a bad habit of having keys stick on even with the sensor like 1 foot away and the batteries fully charged. Definely worse than the previous generations.

    5. Why does MS insist on wireless? There’s almost no wired stuff anymore, and the stuff that is, is old product. I want the new stuff with wires. Wireless is just another 5 bux a month I have to spend in batteries for no benefit except for iwth my laptop and my media center.

    6. Please please please have your blogs email me when there is a response to an article that I have either subscribed to, or responded to just like forums work. Otherwise I never get to see the replies because I use the RSS feed and it’s gone by the time someone responds.


  4. I don’t have the space thing figured out yet either. Perhaps there’s a way to map a different key in Outlook and then use that key in the IntelliPoint dialog. I’ll have to play around with it.

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