Audiovox 4100 PocketPC Phone

Well, it's been a year now since I've purchased a new phone, and well, I've been getting gear anxiety. A few co-workers in the office have the new iPaq h6315 and the Samsung SPH-i700 device. However, they are both to large for my tastes. AT&T has been selling the Audiovox 4100 for a while, and I've been holding out for the Motorola MPX which was delayed yet again. When the MPX does come out, if it's not outrageously expensive I'll buy it and sell my Audiovox.

So, I went down to AT&T and got a Audiovox 4100. I have to say, this device rocks. Sure it doesn't have Wifi or bluetooth, but with my all you can eat GPRS data plan it's not such a big deal. I've owned 2 Pocket PC devices in the past and I'm glad to be back in the Pocket PC camp, and out of the Smartphone camp. There are a number of reasons that I think the PPC device is a better fit for me. Among them are:

  • I can use a stylus to read/reply to mail (I'd rather have a thumb keyboard like the Treo 600, but no ppc phone devices have this yet).
  • Ditto for SMS.
  • T9 Input sucks. I'd rather use my fingers and a soft keyboard.
  • Higher resolution than Smartphone
  • Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 which is 100% better than Smartphone 2002
  • Can run AvantGo and Vindigo which are killer apps IMHO. I've missed Vindigo for so long.
  • GPS integration via Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005.

Personally, I loved my Smartphone, but realistically it was a read only device. Also, the Tasks feature was fairly useless. The Audiovox device is small, and as a result fits fine in my pocket (I will not purchase any PDA/Smartphone device that will not fit in my jeans).

Finally, having just discovered Microsoft Voice Command, I can't imagine not living with it. Voice Command is like your own personal assistant. This is hands on one of the best Microsoft products out there. I installed it this morning, and activated voice and it has recognized 100% of my commands such as:

  • Call < Contact >
  • Dial < Number >
  • What are my appointments today?

This is truly an innovative, compelling product that really showcases the power of the platform. Check out the flash demo.

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