.NET Compact Framework Essentials

One very frustrating thing about programming with the .NET Compact Framework is that it’s quite limited in how much integration capabilities you have with the device. It’s very good if you build a little application that doesn’t need to hook into the device, or hook into Outlook, but as soon as you want to do…



I’ve been playing around with a program called KlipFolio for a few weeks now. Not to long ago they released a new version, 2.6, and added a Hotmail Klip! This is a really cool way to keep on top of your Hotmail, w/o having to run a mail client. It allows you to view a preview…


RAW Windows Shell Integration

A few months ago I posted about a little piece of software that let you view Digital RAW thumbnails in the Windows XP Explorer Shell. Well, I found something even better. DPMagic has some really well integrated software that lets you: View Thumbnails in the Shell View a full size image preview in the Shell…


Audiovox 4100 PocketPC Phone

Well, it’s been a year now since I’ve purchased a new phone, and well, I’ve been getting gear anxiety. A few co-workers in the office have the new iPaq h6315 and the Samsung SPH-i700 device. However, they are both to large for my tastes. AT&T has been selling the Audiovox 4100 for a while, and…


dasBlog Security Update

If you are running dasBlog, make sure you install the security fix available for all released versions of dasBlog. http://www.dasblog.net/documentation/PermaLink.aspx?guid=92ad6eb7-ee40-4c89-9f1e-a07c83859e63


iPod and MSN Music

One of the more surprising things I found when checking out MSN Music is this statement. How can I get MSN Music downloads to play on my iPod?  Unfortunately Apple refuses to support the popular Windows Media format on the iPod, choosing to only support their own proprietary DRM format. If you are an iPod…


System.Drawing.Imaging performance fix in .NET 1.1 SP1

A few months ago I encountered a significant performance problem with System.Drawing.Imaging. I found that by using the new Method performance was 93x faster (on average) for loading jpegs. You can download the update here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a8f5654f-088e-40b2-bbdb-a83353618b38&DisplayLang=en Specifically, this update adds a new method to System.Drawing.Imaging: System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(Stream stream, bool useICM, bool validateImageData) This is essentially a…