Portable Media Center Review

If you've been wondering about PMC check out this excellent review by Corey Gouker.

I've been dogfooding (testing) a Creative Zen device since the very early days (months ago) and love it. I just leave it plugged into my MCE over night and it sync'es tv shows and audio.

Since all my music is ripped as lossless WMA, I can have WMP transcode from losless to 160 KPbs allowing me to listen to lossless music on my Media Center and take all my music with me on my PMC. I happen to love the UI and the Album Art for Music. I find it so natural to browse my music collection by looking at album covers.

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  1. Mike says:

    i pre-ordered one from amazon 3 or 4 days ago.. its at best buy right now, but it was like 20 bucks less on amazon w/ free shipping

    any idea when amazon will ship it?

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