Explorer Status Bar fixed in XP SP2

Holy cow, how did I miss this gem?

[Tony Schreiner]

New Pet Peeves Fixed

The disappearing status bar bug should be gone for good. We also fixed most of the scenarios where the URL you were typing in the address bar would get stomped or disrupted if a navigation happened while you were typing.

I could go NUTTY just turning that status bar back on only to have it disappear for no apparent reason. This alone is worth the upgrade ;-).

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  1. Matt Hawley says:

    Thats great! I’ve hated that the thing dissapears on me all the time, err!

  2. I wanted my status bar back so back, but I finally got used to life without it, so I’ll probably just turn it off when I install SP2. And I got in the habit of hitting ESC and then F4 to type a URL in, because if I didn’t hit ESC I would get cut of mid-type.

    Life will be that much better.

  3. Jesterace says:

    Ok I was wondering if that was a bug or not. I find it annoying to reenable the status bar everytime I open an windows explorer.

  4. XP SP2 was released on the 6th, so I’ve slipstreamed the XP installation files and done a fresh install, but have found that the problem is still present – the status bar still keeps disappearing!! D’oh!

    Surely it’s just a registry key, so it could just be set with a REG file and that would be the end of it… but what is the registry key?

  5. Ok, by doing a registry compare before and after enabling the status bar on a working installation of XP SP1 (I’m using Virtual PC to test SP2, y’see), I’ve identified that there’s a registry key which controls the Windows Explorer status bar – here’s a REG file of it:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    However, applying this to the (broken) SP2 doesn’t fix the problem. I’ve also found other sites on the net and people’s solutions involving playing around with Internet Explorer’s status bar and the security permissions on a particular registry key (different to the above), but still no joy.

  6. some guy says:

    forget SP2 – all you have to do is go to "View > Status Bar" and then, under "Tools > Folder Options > View tab > Apply to all folders" and it will be saved for as long as your Windows XP installation lasts (usualy 6 – 8 weeks before reinstall).

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