MCE vs Tivo

Paul has a great write up on MCE and Tivo. I ditched my Tivo 2 years ago for my custom built MCE box. In that time period I've been dogfooding (running alpha and beta builds)various versions of Media Center about 75% of that time. 1.0 had a lot of little gotchas and issues, especially if you built one yourself. My machine runs 24/7 and has rarely missed recordings and only crashed once in 2 years.

Today the product is a lot more stable and the team is doing some amazing work right now (can't talk about it yet). Needless to day, MCE gets better and better every day (literally).

If you want something that doesn't just record TV (for me the Music, Photo, Video, Napster and Newsgator 10 foot experiences are just superb). And mine passed WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) with flying colors.

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  1. Aaron A. Anderson says:

    The day MCE has dual DirectTV tuners in it will be the day I ditch my DirectTivo. But until then, I’m staying with my Tivo.

  2. Steve Perry says:

    I agree with Aaron. I would be all over MCE if it had DirectTV intergrated. I should not be hard for a vendor to do it because there are lots of differant brands of DirectTV boxes.

  3. rmh says:

    I am a nut, I have 3 MCE’s and 2 DirectTivo’s and a DirectTivo-HD unit… As Omar said MCE gets better every day but I still can’t give up my Tivos but I don’t think I could give up my MCE’s either.

    I got my first TIVO as a bonus from my old boss (Thanks John); The TIVO both increased how much TV we watch (bad) and increased the quality of the TV we watched (good) but the IR blaster thing just sucked.

    Later we went to DirecTV specifically for the DirectTivos (MPEG -> DISK = GOOD); we loved this but found that we wanted to do more with the units (music, DVDs, etc.).

    This is when we got the MCEs, since there was no way to get DirecTV directly in the box (this is a DirecTV issue, they are sue happy) and no way to get digital cable directly (also vendor restricted, OpenCable will make this better) we found (with the exception of our sons MCE) that TIVO was the way to go for TV.

    However I now have a TB of my DVDs on my MCE, along with another 50GB of my music CDs and they are all shared throughout the house thanks to the MCE. More over I actually use the radio feature too, having MCE has made my existing investment in the afore mentioned DVD and CDs more valuable since I use it more regularly.

    Once we get QAM capable cards integrated with MCE (soon I hope) I will sell my TIVOs as the new release of MCE does everything I want but that.

    Plus the extensability (plug-ins, riping, extraction, etc) of MCE is awsome, althogh I have hacked my TIVOs six-ways from sunday its a hastle one that I dont need to worry about with MCE.


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