Send to OneNote from Outlook PowerToy Released

At long last, my PowerToy is live! Send to OneNote from Outlook lets you send Mail, Post items and Sticky Notes to OneNote (note, this was previously called Outlook2OneNote). While you are there I also recommend Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer. Both of these use the OneNoteImporter that Donovan created. A lot of folks…


Hotmail, now with less ads

If you have a paying relationship with MSN (you are an MSN subscriber or Hotmail Extra Storage user) you no longer see any banner ads when using Hotmail. Just one of many enhancements coming to a hotmail near you ;-). This also marks my first release as part of the Hotmail Team. Shipping a version of…


Outlook Security Dialog and Palm

Now let me tell you, I loath this dialog as much as the next guy, however, I just discovered something appalling today. Palm (the makers of the PDA etc) ship this application called Pocket Mirror (I think its third party?) that synchronizes Outlook with Palm handhelds like my wife’s Treo 600. I was shocked today…


Tiny USB Flash Drive

I just got a SanDisk Cruzer Micro 256MB at last week, and I can’t believe how small it is. 256 MB, USB 2.0 and it comes with a crypto program for encryping files. I wanted the 512 MB version, but the 256 MB was only $40. It’s now on my minimalist keychain.


Nikon RAW image thumbnails in XP Explorer shell

I’ve been mildly annoyed by the fact that I can’t see thumbnails of my Nikon NEF (RAW) image files in the XP Shell. Luckily someone has a product that takes care of this. Update: check out this post for another software package:


Portable Media Center

Amazon now has Portable Media Centers available for purchase. Creative Labs 20 GB Zen Portable Media Center Samsung Yepp YH-999 20 GB Portable Media Center I’ve got the Creative PMC device and it’s just sweet. I’ll blog more about it when I can, but these devices are super cool. I still have an iPod that…


Explorer Status Bar fixed in XP SP2

Holy cow, how did I miss this gem? [Tony Schreiner] New Pet Peeves Fixed The disappearing status bar bug should be gone for good. We also fixed most of the scenarios where the URL you were typing in the address bar would get stomped or disrupted if a navigation happened while you were typing. I…


Hotmail Tips

Reeves has some great Hotmail tips. One of them is very important. I just started forwarding all my e-mail to hotmail from another mail account. Many of these messages were being junked. This is because hotmail sees that the message is not address to “me”, being my hotmail address. The solution is to add your…


MCE vs Tivo

Paul has a great write up on MCE and Tivo. I ditched my Tivo 2 years ago for my custom built MCE box. In that time period I’ve been dogfooding (running alpha and beta builds)various versions of Media Center about 75% of that time. 1.0 had a lot of little gotchas and issues, especially if…