80 hour weeks…

For the past 5 weeks (other than a trip to Alaska planned a year ago) I have been living work, breathing work, and dreaming about work (not by design). And today the news is out.

Hotmail is aggresively moving to make storage a non issue any more (in light of gmail and yahoo's recent offerings). It's been incredibly fun, challenging and scary all at the same time. I'm really glad to be part of such a kick ass team... hotmail is going to be cool again!

Exective Summary of changes

  • Free users get 250 MB
  • Premium users ($19.99 a yr) get 2 GB of mail

In other news, Dick Craddock is joining my team as our Development Manager. This is so awesome. Dick worked on Internet Mail and News for the Mac, then Outlook Express, then became the Product Unit Manager for the Mac Internet Product Unit (which was merged into the Mac Business Unit) where we shipped OE 5 and IE 5 and rocked the house. He then left to work on MS TV and stuff, and is back in the e-mail game after taking a nice long sabbatical. Last week we had a little offsite in Redmond and it was funny how many former Mac folks were in the room...

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  1. Duncan Lamb says:

    Hi Omar,

    Glad you are on a kick ass team… that means you can clarify what "multiple markets" will get the 250mb of space. Will the US be one of these markets? Which markets will not receive the upgrade?

    Thanks, looking forward to alot less stonewalling by hotmail, I too believe it can be cool again!

  2. Mike Walsh Helsinki says:

    Is there any possibility that the new hot Hotmail can stop giving me Finnish links and ads with my English hotmail (hotmail.com)?

    Obviously they are picking up on my Locale (which I have for sorts and ".", "," in numbers) but it should be picking up on the setting for IE itself which is set to UK.

    Also if I have hotmail.com open and I type in hotmail.com again, can it please assume I want to change users instead of asking me *every time*?

  3. Omar Shahine says:

    Duncan, the US is one of those markets.

  4. Jim Ashley says:

    Omar, can you give us some insight on why IE 5 for the Mac seems to be so performance challenged in comparison to Safari and Firebird? Thanks

  5. Omar Shahine says:

    Would it matter? IE 5 for Mac is no longer in development.

  6. Homam Alsayed says:

    Omar, the main reason I switched from Hotmail to Yahoo is because Hotmail hijacks every single link in your email message and routes it to an interception server.


    Why should the Hotmail folks be interested in what sites I visit by clicking on links in my private emails? I believe it’s a gross violation of users’ privacy.


    Not only that, the window it opens with the MSN top frame steals valuable screen estate from the browser window.

  7. Omar Shahine says:


    That very annoying feature is scheduled to be removed soon. I agree it sucks.

  8. I just don’t get it I catch another angled story today about how Hotmail is going to be re-vamped and…

  9. Marc Bizer says:

    Hotmail never was, and never will be "cool."

  10. sjv says:

    hotmail is crap… viva la gmail…. goodbye hotmail….

  11. javed says:

    hi omar !! i read the press release by hotmail … and i too have a similar question … wat markets are we talking about here ?? … are india, arabia and australia included ?? … and how soon can we expect this change … coz the site says that hotmail will start on 1st week of july … it has no mention on the duration … please clarify on the same … thanx.

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