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I've been soo busy this week that I haven't even had the time to enjoy some of the wonderful things the press are saying about Office 2004. I worked on Entourage 2004 for about 16 months before moving on to Virtual PC. I just saw this review in PC Magazine and it had this wonderful paragraph

Entourage's main competition comes from Apple's own Mail, Address Book, and iCal apps, which are preloaded on every new Mac. While the price is right, Entourage's various utilities are so thorough and well integrated that it puts Apple's efforts a distant second in quality.

I couldn't be happier about that. I am really proud of this release, and of the people that made it all happen. One of the things I spent about 6 months working on is the S/MIME v3 support that we added to Entourage. This was a huge undertaking for us and I had an amazing developer and tester working on it with me. Getting my head wrapped around PKI, X.509 and S/MIME took a very long time, and trying to design a simple solution to meet the needs of our users took even longer. I'm happy that our users can now send secure encrypted/signed e-mail.

Another feature I worked on was the DAV Mail replication that we added to replace our IMAP Mail solution for Exchange. Entourage 2004 has a local sync model just like cached exchange in Outlook 2003.

But my favorite feature of Entourage 2004 is the three column view that Dennis designed (based on Outlook 2003's implementation).

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  1. Pablo Y. says:

    I’m a huge fan of Entourage (as I was it’s genetic predecessors Outlook Express and Emailer) and welcomed Entourage 2004, but I can’t help feeling like the most effusive praise of this program comes from people who don’t use Entourage daily and see it as a revelation. Most of the longtime Entourage users I’ve encountered appreciate the upgrade, but feel it is incremental. A nice bump but nothing earth-shattering. What would have impressed me? Mainly things that got at Entourage’s core functionality… instant google-like searches of the database, streamlined customizable UI, and automatic sync with apple’s address book and ical. But these issues aside we really do appreciate the efforts of the Mac BU. I wouldn’t just say that Office 2004 "put’s Apple’s efforts a distant second", I would also say it puts the Windows version (which I use daily) a distant second. I only fire of the windows version for power-point otherwise it’s all mac for me.

  2. When are we going to get the new Microsoft Handheld Sync for Entourage 2004. This really is a must for me. (Sneak me a copy!)

    I also like the new new 3 column view. I started using it as a test and it works well. The email notification that fades in and out saves the routine click to see who emailed me too. I know for proprietary reasons the only messaging service is MSN, however it would have been nice to have that functionality for all messengers. A live buddy list accross messengers in your address book.

    Good Luck,


  3. David Finlinson says:

    Tell me more about this Microsoft Handheld Sync for Entourage 2004 mentioned above by Gary. Does it allow sycronization of a Pocket PC. I have PocketMac and cannot get my pocket PC to sync with Entourage 2004. This is a pretty critical tool for me to comfortable use Entourage. Let me know. Thanks,



  4. Jon says:

    Is there TRULY such a thing as a new Handheld Sync for Entourage 2004? The current version doesn’t work too well.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Omar, our corporation uses Exchange server and I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Entourage 2004 had the DAV mail support you developed. It is SOOOO much better than the old IMAP way of doing things.

    I do have two quick questions. First, I tend to keep a lot of mail in my mailboxes and I have quite a few mailboxes. Some have up to 2000 messages in them. I do this so I always have the appropriate e-mails available no matter which computer I am at. Sync can take a long time even over a 3MB VPN. Any ideas how to speed this up?

    Second, some folders will not completely sync on a particular computer. It will download say 1000 of the 2000 messages in a folder and stop. I have tried deleting the cache for that folder to no avail and even deleted the whole profile and started over using OWA rather than the traditional Exchange connection. No luck. Any tips?



  6. Jeffrey says:

    Oh, one other thing. I do agree that Entourage 2004 is better than Apple mail especially for Exchange users. One thing that I hope the Office 2004 team is planning to adopt in a future release is the new Spotlight search technology in Tiger.


  7. Omar Shahine says:


    I’ve send the DAV comments on to the Entourage DAV Tester and Developers.

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