So long MacBU, Hello Hotmail

Well, today was my last day in the Macintosh Business Unit. I've worked here ever since I joined over 5 years ago. I feel privileged to have worked with some of the folks who are still here or moved on before me. I had a truly amazing time working on OE, Entourage, IE, MSN, and Virtual PC. It's funny to think back of the days when I first joined. My first visit to Redmond, my first Release To Web, working on a top secret project (Entourage), and most recently learning an entirely new product. I'll always look back on these last 5 years as some of the best times in my life, and I'll very much miss the people.

The good news is that I'm not going far. Monday morning I'll be working one building over on the Hotmail Frontdoor team. I'll be a Lead Program Manager on the Frontdoor infrastructure. My team is responsible for things like DAV, Passport, POP, SMTP and various other Frontdoor protocols as well as a number of other things (many of which I don't know anything about). I'm happy that I'll be doing mail stuff again, but working on a service rather than a fat client. Plus I'll be working with Reeves Little again (Reeves used to be the Test Lead on OE, now a PM in Hotmail).

I decided to pursue this position for a number of reasons, and much of it has to do with where I want my career to go in my next 5 years at MS. I also find that I want new and different challenges. I've been working on Mac related software for a long time and am looking forward to something that's on a totally different scale ;-). Hotmail is something that I feel is a great match because of my backround in mail stuff and my interest in the stuff they are doing. I think the free mail space is getting even more competitive, and I love competition!

So, my office is all packed up (it all fix in 8 boxes!). Not that much stuff. I'm off to my 10 year high school reunion this weekend, and come Monday I'll be sitting in my new office.

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  1. themexican says:

    The Mac BU has produced some of the finest desktop software made by MS. Not only is it some of the best software on the Mac but the Mac versions of Excel, Office, and Word wrap circles around their windows counterparts in usability and clarity of purpose. Even Explorer 5 (when it was released) was best of it’s breed. I’ve been a bit worried about what you guys are doing with Virtual PC (it seems to have vanished where as before it was getting upgraded regularly).

    Anyway having some of the Mac BU smarts in hotmail seems like a good thing to me.

    As a consumer who has already switched to gmail (and loves it) this would be my hotmail wish-list:

    -Less intrusive advertising.

    -Much more storage space… I don’t know any who uses a digital camera regularly who is enthusiastic about hotmail.

    -No time limits between logins (hotmail deleted all my mail once when I was out of commission in the hospital for 6 months…to make matters worse it didn’t bounce mail, so I lost tons of personal mail and nobody knew about it).

    -instant search of mail archives (Google is amazing at this).

    -better smarter spam filtering that will still allow emails from old friends through to my inbox

    -Add to address book all senders of selected email.

    -ability to post emailed text and images to a public blog (see )

    -more user templates (hotmail’s main strength over google and yahoo right now is that it looks nice and the others look like crap..especially yahoo… but blue is not for everyone)

    -better integration with POP email clients for users that don’t want to use a web interface.

  2. macfixer says:

    My wish-list:

    – IMAP support (a soft-spot for you, I know)

    – Bigger attachments.

    – More storage.

    – A lighter look for those with narrowband service (not me). The old pre-MSN Hotmail let you toggle different looks. One was a text-only mode.

    Good luck next door!


  3. <sigh>…Dan and now you…I am depressed…you were my "IMAP Person" at the Mac really. When I started on the OE test team, you were the guy who helped me get my IMAP issues into something that could be actually fixed.

    you’ll be missed man

  4. That sounds great. Maybe you can show me how to talk to Hotmail using WebDAV so I can use my MSN storage for storing my feedlist when synchronizing with RSS Bandit.

  5. Corentin says:

    <lemmings noise>

    Oh, no!!

    </lemmings noise>

    Not you too Omar!!! You will definitively be missed. Considering what you’ve accomplished with Entourage, does this mean that in a short wile Hotmail will be fast and secure ??? ;-)))

  6. Awesome! Congratulations. Now you will be working on TWO of the software applications that I rely on daily.

    Based on the awesome work you’ve done with dasBlog, I’m looking forward to what you do with Hotmail.

    Good luck.

  7. Ed Hanna says:

    I wish you all the best in your new position, Omar. I’m sure all the Meanderthals join me in that wish.

  8. Diane Ross says:

    Congrats on the new position. Sounds interesting and fun. When you get to be a top dog at MS, I can say I knew you when.

    Best of luck!

  9. Chris Brady says:

    Well done! I remember when we were both on the list and still trying to complete our degrees. Now look how far we have come! Well done Omar! Now, I am waiting for you to publish that penetrating work on the culture of mailing lists….


  10. Someone says:

    Um…isn’t Virtual PC currently unfinished and in a state of constant crashing?

  11. Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood. 😉

    (welcome aboard!)

  12. mahboud says:

    Add to the wish list:

    the ability to integrate MMS and SMS into hotmail so I can both send/receive SMS/MMS messages right in hotmail.

    And I really like the idea of being able to publish attachments.

  13. Bob Williams says:

    Funny this should happen now O – I too am packing my bags.

    I will be leaving Las Cruces NM for Huntsville, AL for a promotion as well.

    So the best of luck to you my friend (WOW we have been so many places together O!)

    See you soon, and again, congratulations!


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