Offline Files made easier

Jonathan Hardwick has an excellent post on Offline Files support in Windows XP.

I posted some of my annoyances on his post, but today I found something that makes offline files so much more tolerable. My main complaints with Offline files are:

  1. It seems to sync at the wrong time. Every time my WiFi goes up and down for example. So I turn off the sync on logon feature.
  2. While you are syncing you have no access to those files. So if you use IDLE sync then you can occasionally get hosed.
  3. Files never seem to be synced when I want them to.
  4. The UI is sucky. It really is... but it does work most of the time.

Don't get me wrong. I rely on this functionality to keep my data available on all my PCees. Today I found a great way to do a sync.

Enable the folder you want to sync and logoff. Now when you want to sync you just go to Start->Run and then mobsync /logoff. This will do a full sync and then put you in online mode.

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