Thunderbird 0.6

Thunderbird 0.6 is out. The best news is that they added support for IMAP IDLE. Sweet. I mentioned it on my blog a few months ago and the bug was voted high enough to get fixed. Thunderbird is my favorite mail client for non exchange mail as well as my favorite usenet reader.

They also added a real windows installer this time.

I only wish it had the three-column view like Outlook 2003. That view just rocks my world.

note: when I say “three-column view” I also expect the two line message list summary that outlook gives. Doing three panes is easy, doing the multi-line message list is the hard part ;-).

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  1. Pat says:

    Mozilla Thunderbird is my favorite mail client, too.

    Features I wish it had:

    Support for deleting mail to a specified folder for deletion (Inbox.Deleted Items in my case).

    Support for expunging after moving!

    Some kind of GUI for the identity feature which is a really nice feature.

  2. Frans Bouma says:

    I used thunderbird 0.6 for a short time before I switched to XanaNews, but I did see a 3 column outlook 2003 style option.

  3. Omar Shahine says:

    It’s not the same as Outlook’s view. Its just like WinOE’s three column view (the item list is a single line rather than the two line view in Outlook).

  4. I wouldn’t make your Thunderbird link go right to the download… jarring experience… I clicked it to learn about this tool and suddenly it is trying to download a file…

  5. Omar Shahine says:

    Fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

  6. Robert Björn says:

    I agree… the three column view is wonderful, and in fact is the main reason why I went back to Outlook.

  7. Bogdan Stroe says:

    Thunderbird does have a three column view! See Tools->Options->General->Window Configuration


  8. Seth Spitzer says:

    It does have the "three-column view".

    Try the "View | Layout | Vertical View" menu item.

  9. ed says:

    And don’t forget about FireFox[1]! Once you try tabs you’ll never know how you went so long without them! 0.9 should be out very soon.


  10. In Omar Shahine’s WebLog: Thunderbird 0.6 is out. The best news is that they added support for IMAP IDLE. Sweet….

  11. Omar Shahine says:

    I would use firefox, but it won’t work on our intranet very well cause of repeated authentication. I don’t have the time to enter my credentials for every web site I go.

  12. Gašper Odar says:

    Although I don’t like the three column view very much myself I also think that Thunderbird and Mozilla are the best e-mail and news clients. And in combination with Firefox, Thunderbird really rocks. So many nice little (and not so little) features that you miss them instantly when using other apps. Congrats to developers.

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