So long MS broadband hardware

C|Net is reporting that we are exiting the broadband hardware space. That sucks big time. I still have nightmares of all the linksys firmware upgrades and wacky hardware versioning schemes they have (trying to buy the lastest piece of hardware at Fry's is a challenge). Downloading firmware for my wireless/wired router used to be an almost weekly occurrence. Going back to older versions was just as common (cause the router would crash, become unresponsive etc). I'm hoping since Cisco purchased them things are better in that respect.

I swapped all my broadband gear to Microsoft because of UPnP support, quality web based UI and the fact that I knew the quality would exceed that of the competition. Back in the day, you could only have a single PPTP connection and the only products which could handle more than one connection at a time were the Microsoft software based NAT/Routers. I knew that our hardware would work really well with our technology and sure enough it worked.

I guess the only Microsoft hardware to last the test of time is the keyboard and mouse. Some other nifty hardware products were the Digital Speakers (these rocked), the telephone (heh) and the remote control (what a clunker)!

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  1. Neil Cowburn says:

    To be honest, I’m a big fan of Netgear hardware. Their hardware is easy to setup up and I’ve never had any reliability issues. Oh, and they support UPnP. I know this because I bought a wireless DSL router for myself and the cable modem variety for my father so that we could use the video conferencing in MSN Messenger.

  2. denny says:

    The Phone!!!

    I have one that I still use ….

    but no software any more….

    BTW: anyone out there in MS have the source for the ms phone client so I can compile it for XP?

  3. Well crap. I’m currently using the wireless 802.11b wireless router and network card and they really work well. It’s too bad MS is pulling out because I have been contemplating the upgrade to 802.11g.

    Guess I’ll have to add this to my pile of MS abandon-hardware such as my Gamevoice, Sidewinder joystick, etc. etc.

  4. Jeff says:

    I bought a Linksys wireless router in spring 2002 and have never upgraded the firmware. It just always worked.

  5. Simon says:

    I hope MS never stops producing the keyboards – they’re possibly the best keyboards I have found anywhere. I have an internet pro that’s lasted more than two years! (I stocked up just incase they stopped making the model… Which they did) It’s untold of compared to the logitech I use at work (fourth keyboard in that time).

  6. Todd Spatafore says:

    I guess it’s good that I’m still within the 14 day return policy for my MN-700 base unit and MN-720 cards. After one full week of tweeking I finally got eveything to work perfectly with WPA. I agree with you that it all worked so cleanly. The firmware upgrade was the simplest I’ve ever run into, and the initial setup was so simple my dad could have done it. So long MS networking hardware. We hardly knew ya.

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