iTunes 4.5

iTunes 4.5 is out. Most interesting new features:

  1. Can import WMA files

  2. New format, Apple Lossless

Welcome to the party. I rip all my audio as WMA Lossless cause I don't want no stinkin compression. However, I trancode all my audio to the latest and greatest audio format.

The fact that it can now import WMA is great cause I'll be able to just point it at my WMA collection and suck it in to my iPod.

I really hope they made it so that the iPod batter meter actually does something useful. Right now it's completely worthless. If I charge my iPod all day long and un plug it, the things starts off as half empty. Sheesh, it's almost as bad as the gas gage in my Audi.

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  1. Brandon Paddock says:

    What’s wrong with your gas guage? Mine in my A4 works as well as any other I’ve seen.

    I ditched my 5GB ipod for a 20GB iRiver and never looked back.

    The ipod’s battery was dying and only lasted a few hours. My iRiver gets 15+ hours easily. And it’s USB 2.0 and is recognized as a standard USB hard disk…

    I just drag and drop my "music" folder structure and don’t have to worry about files with invalid tags and what not.

    Sure, it won’t play my SHNs (which I’d like to be able to convert to WMA Lossless), but they wouldn’t fit well anyway. All of my mp3s, WMA, ogg, whatever is played seamlessly. I really couldn’t be happier with the device… well, I guess it would be cool if it were a little thinner like the new ipods. But as it stands, it’s the same size or slightly smaller than my original iPod which is good enough for me.

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