Favorite SPOT feature

So, here I am in Boston. I flew here for some customer visits we are going to do as part of an overall planning and research project. When we landed, my watch beeped and automatically showed the local time. In addition, it automatically got the local weather feed. Small things like this really make me happy. The nice thing about getting the weather this way is that I'll probably not be in Boston for another few years, so going to the trouble of setting up SMS alerts or checking some website (pull technology) just becomes unnecessary.

Now, seeing as I'm here for 2 nights it would be extra cool if I could find out info on nearby restaurants, local movie times and even traffic for driving back to the airport. However, I don't thing the traffic thing will help me since I've already gotten hopelessly lost getting to the hotel. The signs around her just suck. Now I remember what it's like driving in the northeast. Look there is the exit sign for so and so. Oh too late I missed it. Now I must wait in 15 min of traffic to correct this mistake.

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