Lenn and Jeff are new dasBlog users

Lenn Pryor, who has the unique roll of being Robert Scoble's manager, recently switched to dasBlog. Jeff Sandquist, one of Robert's co-workers also switched over from Radio. He posted a nice How-To on moving from Radio Userland to dasBlog (importing posts, comments etc). It's a little known feature that dasBlog can actually move all your Radio stuff over, as well as continue to upstream your posts to your Radio site (via upstreaming service) as well as map your Radio links to dasBlog links using custom http handlers. Clemens (dasBlog papa), myself and a few others actually moved from Radio to dasBlog using some of these tools.

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  1. Javier Piedragil says:

    What are the things you didn’t like from Radio that made you change your blog tool?

  2. Omar Shahine says:

    Radio had to run on a client. I like the flexibility of a server based blogging tool (write posts from anywhere). That is just one of many reasons. Another is that Radio is buggy and hasn’t been updated in eons.

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