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I work on the OneNote team and help design product features. I have posted a couple of times as a guest on other blogs (OneNote and Outlook Task Syncing and Try OneNote Instant Search!)

Now I have accumulated enough ideas for posts that I decided it was time to start my own blog.


I will try to cover various OneNote how-tos, best practices, and troubleshooters that fall under the general category of "not-obvious-how-to-do-and-I-bet-some-people-are-wondering." So apologies in advance for the apparent lack of theme :).


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  1. OneNote Guy says:

    Welcome to the OneNote Blogsphere! Let me know if you run out of best practices to write about and I will send you some topics….

  2. techteacher says:

    I am an English teacher & I am using OneNote to share a notebook with my students.  I have the notebook stored on a SharePoint site and some of the students easily loaded the notebook and have no problems.  When other students open the notebook, it only opens a temporary notebook of the single tab they clicked on to open.  They cannot get the entire notebook and it says that they have a temporary page on their C: drive.  They cannot view any of the changes made to the shared notebook.  Do you any suggetions to make it work for everyone?  Thank you!

  3. Olya_Veselova says:

    When your students click on a file in SharePoint, OneNote should ask them "Do you want to open the whole notebook or just the section?" They should pick the whole notebook option. Then the notebook will open permanently and they will see all of it and see all the changes.

    If the above does not work, there are two more options to try:

    1. On the SharePoint site, instead of clicking one of the tab files, click the file next to them that is called OneNoteTableOfContents.

    2. Another way to open the whole notebook from SharePoint is to say File > Open > Notebook and then type in the address of the general SharePoint site (htpp://sitename). Once that appears in side the file open dialog, they should click further to eventually get to the folder where the notebook is. They need to selection the notebook folder and click "Open". Note that they are not opening a particular file, but the whole folder instead, which contains all the OneNote files.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Ncflash says:

    I am a MSCDST and just started supporting MS 2007 OneNote, Outlook 12.0 build 6316 on a MS Exchange Server 5.1

    When I create a Task in OneNote 2007 it appears to Sync but does not Sync with  MS 2007 Outlook Task or the To Do Bar, it pops in Outlook Task for about 5 sec then disappears in never,never land.. any Suggestions?

  5. Chris says:

    I've worked with Microsoft Office products forever, but with all that experience, I can't get OneNote to spell check anything.

  6. dallas says:

    Hello Olya, I am new to alot of things so I need help. I like using one note very much and I wanted to set it up for a friend, but I can't get the 'send to one note' button to appear on the explorer bar. I looked it up on the internet and what it told me to do was simple enough. but where can you turn when your computer dosen't seem to show the same options. And I can't 'print to one note' in the printer section. these are 2 powerful features that I like to use on my computer but I can't seem to set it up on this computer. Can you please help. It would be much appreciated. Thank you

  7. Maurice says:

    All by notebooks share the same tags. How do I enable tags specifically for each notebook or groups of notebooks?

  8. Shlomo says:


    I clicked Page Versions in my OneNote and suddenly saw a first page whose tab contained your name!

    is it a bug? or a funny thing yuo did as a onenote developer? I am so curious to know…


  9. Peter says:

    Hello Olya

    I am very frustrated as I am unable to sync all my devises to one note. I have a laptop, Windows 7, Desktop Windows 8 & iPhone 5. Everything was working fine then I tried to access everything through one drive. From that point when I was unable to access my one note updates or sync on my desktop or iPhone. Can you please help

    Thanks Peter

  10. Doug says:

    Hi Olya:

    I have the same problem as Peter 12/26/2014. I have a Windows 8.1 laptop and an ipad mini.  OneNote had been synchronizung fine but now I'm unable to access my notebook on my Laptop.  Everything is gone but is still on my ipad (I assume in the Cloud) Could not open on my laptop through OneDrive.  

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