Videos from Tech-Ed: Building Location-Aware Services with SQL Server 2008 Spatial – WiE Demo and Code Walkthroughs

It has been way too long since I’ve blogged.   I have no (good) excuse.

I had the opportunity to attend and present at last week’s Tech-Ed conference and had a great time meeting customers and getting feedback and suggestions on SQL server and our developer tools.

Our session on WiE (Building location-aware services using SQL Server 2008)  was recorded and is available on the Tech-Ed web site for viewing by those who attended Tech-Ed.  Please visit the Tech-Ed Online to view any of the sessions from this year’s Tech-Ed.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to post the entire recording of the session directly on my blog.  That said, like any good database guy, I have a backup plan.. I had made some recordings of the demos before the show as a backup in case the demo machine failed during the show.   These are posted as part of this blog article (hoping that the video quality survives the posting process). 

The videos will provide some additional help and context for those folks who are reading the previous blog articles on WiE and downloading the source code from our CodePlex project site.

The Demo


Code Walkthrough of Mobile Client

Code walkthrough of mobile client.

Code Walkthrough of Spatial Trigger

Code Walkthrough of Spatial Trigger.

Please let me know if you find these types of videos useful, if so I’ll try to keep building some to accompany future blog posts.

In my next blog post I will be showing some examples of using the SQL Server spatial types “outside” of SQL Server.  The spatial geography and geometry types are in fact .NET CLR types and are available as a redistributable component for you to use in your own .NET applications.

In the coming months I also plan to start a series of articles on using our new Velocity data caching technology and using it to help build scalable web applications.



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