The Excel Spatial Spreadsheet (Part Deux)

I hope everyone had a great holiday and that Santa was good to you.   My kids made out like troopers this year with the grandparents buying them a Wii.  Yes I know I work for Microsoft — but we already have an XBOX 360 – actually we have 2 of them but that’s another story. …


PDC 2009 is next week – I’ll be Building Location Aware Applications with the SQL Server Spatial Library at Session SVR33 – Tuesday

I will be presenting at PDC next week with Ed Katibah and Torsten Grabs on uses of the SQL Server Spatial library (SQLTypes).   The session will be on Tuesday at 12:30pm.    Title: Building Location Aware Applications with the SQL Server Spatial Library Abstract: Did you know that the new SQL Server 2008 Spatial Types are…


Watch out for gotcha with missing VC++ runtime dlls when deploying .NET applications that leverage the new SQL Server Spatial Types libraries.

In my previous blog post I discussed the ability to leverage the SQL Server type library in your own .NET applications.  The article showed how to create a simple console application that calculates some areas for different shapes and how to create these shapes either from a text representation like WKT or “by hand” using…


Why I should have paid more attention in geometry class: Embedding the new SQL Server Spatial CLR types and functionality directly into your own .NET applications.

In SQL Server 2008 we introduced the ability to store spatial objects as columns within a database through the Geometry and Geography types as well as the ability to perform efficient query operations against those columns through the use of a new Spatial index. These data types were implemented as CLR (.NET) types hosted by…


Calling all web developers: The SQL Server Team needs your help.

The Microsoft SQL Server product team is undertaking a short survey to help guide potential new features and capabilities for web developers, please take a few minutes to take the survey and help shape the future of SQL Server.  Click this link to take the survey. Thank you for your time and feedback. Olivier


Videos from Tech-Ed: Building Location-Aware Services with SQL Server 2008 Spatial – WiE Demo and Code Walkthroughs

It has been way too long since I’ve blogged.   I have no (good) excuse. I had the opportunity to attend and present at last week’s Tech-Ed conference and had a great time meeting customers and getting feedback and suggestions on SQL server and our developer tools. Our session on WiE (Building location-aware services using SQL…