WiE project and source code posted to CodePlex!

Good Afternoon,

I’ve just completed posting the WiE community project to CodePlex.  As this is my first CodePlex project I expect that I may have forgotten some steps so please let me know of any issues you experience and I will work to resolve them quickly.

You can find the project at: http://www.codeplex.com/wie

In the coming weeks I will put together some documentation for developers interested in and willing to contribute to the CodePlex project and turn this sample into a full fledged location-based social networking application.  

Until then you can refer to previous blog articles for a review of the design and implementation of the current WiE release:

Here is a very high level architecture diagram of the components and underlying technologies that make up the current release of WiE.


Have a great holiday and a wonderful new year.




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  1. Spatial Ed says:

    After a rather lengthy hiatus, I’m back to bloging once again.  I was awakened from my reverie by

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