Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish folks a happy new year.   Next week will mark my first year at Microsoft.   While I still need to work on my resolutions for 2009 (healthy eating, exercise,… you know the stuff that usually only lasts a week or so), I do have some initial areas of focus and topics for the…


WiE project and source code posted to CodePlex!

Good Afternoon, I’ve just completed posting the WiE community project to CodePlex.  As this is my first CodePlex project I expect that I may have forgotten some steps so please let me know of any issues you experience and I will work to resolve them quickly. You can find the project at: http://www.codeplex.com/wie In the…


PASS Summit 2008 WiE PPT presentation is now posted.

Just a quick post to let you know that you can now access and download the WiE Powerpoint presentation from the PASS Summit 2008 web site. http://www.softconference.com/pass/sessionDetail.asp?SID=135520 I believe SQLPass will also post the actual recording of our session at this same link in the coming weeks.  Olivier


Part VIII: WiE uses SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to synchronize SQL Data Services (SDS) with SQL Server 2008.

  In the previous article we covered using the use of INSERT triggers along with the new Spatial data-type support in SQL Server 2008 to implement “spatial rules” for our location-based service.  All that remained was to implement a mechanism to make all the location data hosted by SQL Data Services visible SQL Server 2008. …


Part VII – WiE Goes Spatial: Using SQL Server 2008 as a Spatial Rules Engine for Location-based Services.

In this second to last chapter in the series I’ll discuss leveraging SQL Server 2008’s support for spatial data types to implement the “spatial rules” for the WiE Community.    Specifically, this article will implement 2 examples of simple proximity rules that drive most location-based service scenarios: –          Proximity to a Point of Interest (fixed) –         …


Part VI – Visualizing WiE location information using the new server-side Virtual Earth ASP.Net Map Control

  In the previous article of this series I mentioned that we would next discuss how to visualize the GPS information we’ve been collecting and storing in SSDS.   This article looks at using Virtual Earth to visualize the location history for members.  For this implementation I chose to try out the brand new ASP.Net Virtual…


A blue shirt in a sea of red and black shirts… my trip to Oracle Open World.

Good morning, It has been much too long since I last wrote to the blog.   Things here have been busy, but that’s no excuse. I hope to get back on track with writing regularly to the blog.  I will be continuing the series on the WiE community and will be presenting some of the concepts…


Part V: Keeping WiE Mobile Client in sync with the Cloud, a first pass at synchronization.

The Implementation of WiEModelWithLocalCache As we discussed in the previous articles, the data layer for the WiE Mobile Client is made up of “providers” that each implement the IWiEModel interface and work together to implement support for the occasionally disconnected mobile scenario.  Over the past two weeks article we covered the implementation of the local…


Part IV: WiE reaches for the Cloud…Implementing the SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) data model for the WiE Mobile Client.

The Implementation of WiERemoteModelSSDSForMobile The WiERemoteModel expects to store and retrieve data from SQL Server Data Services  (SSDS).   I won’t include the entire implementation of the WiERemoteModelSSDSForMobile in-line as we plan to eventually provide the entire project for download but I will highlight some of the key methods to explain the implementation. As we discussed in…


Part III: Implementing the SQL Server Compact local Model for the WiE Mobile Client.

In the first article in this series I introduced the concept for the WiE Community, a mobile and location aware social networking community.  In last week’s article we covered the high level architecture and the design for the WiE Mobile Client.  In this week’s article I’ll go into the next level of detail and cover…