Seattle to Portland (STP) 2007 trip report, part 3 of 4: Toledo to St. Helens

Note: You probably want to start with Part 1. Sidebar: There are a lot of groups that wore matching jerseys to build team spirit. Here are a few riders that caught my eye that I haven’t already mentioned: The Something Something Team in Training with bright green jerseys and shark fins on top of their helmets….


Seattle to Portland (STP) 2007 trip report, part 2 of 4: Spanaway to Toledo

Note: This story makes much more sense if you read Part 1 first. It won’t be any more interesting, but at least it’ll be a coherent sort of boring. 12:20pm: We arrive in Spanaway for the lunch break (54 miles) [pic]. The consensus among seasoned riders appears to be that the Saturday lunch is pretty lame this…


Seattle to Portland (STP) 2007 trip report, part 1 of 4: Seattle to Spanaway

Note: I found some other riders who blogged their experience on the STP, and I’ve slipped in links to some of the more interesting ones. All statistics are approximate. Prologue Biking to and from work the Monday before STP, I noticed that I had more saddle discomfort than usual. Could it be residual effects from…


Tips for doing the Seattle to Portland (STP) in two days: What I learned in 2007

Two weekends ago, I participated in the 28th annual Seattle to Portland bicycle ride, wherein I joined up with 8999 of my closest friends for a friendly ride through western Washington and Oregon. Earlier this year I provided tongue-in-cheek bad advice for preparing for STP. Today I restore the balance with proper advice. This was…


Apparently some people consider this a vacation; I consider it insane

One of the little cards that came in the STP information packet is an advertisement postcard for Epic Cycling Climbs of France. For $3299 (+airfare) you receive the “privilege” of cycling up the Alpe d’Huez and other notorious mountains. I’m sorry. If I’m going to go up l’Alpe D’Huez you’re going to have to pay…


The dangers of conversation fragments: Overheard on the Burke-Gilman trail

This past weekend, a group of us went on one last training ride before the STP, which begins tomorrow. The Burke-Gilman is a multipurpose trail, with bicyclists sharing the path with walkers, joggers, inline skaters, sometimes even people on horseback. (Inline nitpicker’s corner: The horseback riders are on the Sammamish River Trail, which is technically…


How not to prepare for the STP (2007 edition)

I signed up for the annual Seattle-to-Portland bike ride, known to Seattle-area bicycling dorks as STP. My bicycle riding is mostly just commuting to and from work, nothing even approaching the 200-mile trek that STP entails, but one of my friends who recently started bicycle-commuting inspired our little bicycle commuting group to sign up. One…