News flash: Big houses cost more to maintain

In 2005, we learned that big houses cost more to heat. In 2006, we learned that big houses cost more to cool. But then the research into big houses seems to have stalled. No worries. The research journal The Wall Street Journal recently released a paper concluding that big houses cost more to maintain.


News flash: Work-at-home job offers are mostly just scams

McClatchy Newspapers discovers, to everyone’s surprise, that work-at-home job offers are mostly just scams. Of course, this is something Rob Cockerham discovered years ago. (He also has a rundown of all his articles on the subject, in case you haven’t gotten enough.)


From the research journal Duh: To lose weight, eat less

Researchers have determined that the key to losing weight is to consume fewer calories. Okay, it’s actually more interesting than the summary suggests. The researchers compared a variety of different popular diets and found that it didn’t matter what diet you were on; the weight loss (and regain) was the same. The controlling factor was…


News flash: Companies change their product to appeal to their customers

There was some apparent uproar because there was an industry which “changed the flavoring of their product depending on which market segment they were trying to appeal to.” Well duh, don’t all industries do this? The reason why this even remotely qualified as news didn’t appear until the last five words of the article!


News flash: Wearing clothing keeps you warm

Every so often, I’ll run across a statement of the obvious disguised as news and post it to the News flash tag, but the ones I’ve found have nothing on this collection of the 11 Most Painfully Obvious Newspaper Articles Ever. Just click through and slap your forehead. Bonus News Flash: Mark McGwire used steroids….


News flash: Children are influenced by advertising

Anything in a McDonald’s wrapper tastes better, according to children ages 3 to 5. Even something like carrots taste better if you put them in a McDonald’s wrapper or cup.


News flash: Doing something that requires your attention reduces your ability to do other things at the same time which also require your attention

The New York Times points out that if you engage in an activity that requires your attention, then it reduces your ability to do other things at the same time which also require your attention. For some reason, however this is news when one of those things is sending text messages. I wonder if, had…


News flash: Online drug sales are shady!

In what I’m sure is a fantastic surprise to everybody who has visited the Internet, according to a report in the New York Times, researchers at Columbia University have discovered that there are prescription drug pushers on the Internet who will sell you prescription drugs without a prescription. From what I can gather, they didn’t…


News flash: It’s dangerous to drive a car if you are blind

The BBC reminds us that if you have no eyes, it’s dangerous for you to drive a car. Follow-up: The man was given a suspended jail sentence and—I am not making this up—has been banned from driving for three years. Three years?