Microspeak: Ripcord

Deploy the emergency parachute.


Microspeak: To stand up

To get something working and available for use.


Microspeak: Work-back

Start and the end and work backwards.


Microspeak: to reason over

To make programmatic decisions based on, usually to produce a higher-level result.


Microspeak: lift up

Take a look around you.


Microspeak: North star

I noted it in the interview with the Defrag Tools show, but I’ll make a proper Microspeak for it. Today’s term is North star. This term rose quickly to prominence in October 2015. My research suggests that it had been simmering below the surface for about a year. For example, here’s an isolated citation from…


Microspeak: move the needle

The phrase move the needle is part of general business jargon, but it is very popular here at Microsoft. You need to know what it means, and more importantly, you need to be willing to throw it around yourself in order to sound more hip and with-it. In general business speak, move the needle means…