Sometimes, an app just wants to crash

I think it was Internet Explorer 5.0, when we discovered that a thirdparty browser extension had a serious bug, the details of which aren’t important. The point was that this bug was so vicious, it crashed IE pretty frequently. Not good. To protect the users from this horrible fate, we marked the object as “bad”…



Last night I had to frog several dozen rows of knitting because I forgot to change needles. Color changes I remember. Needle changes I always forget. Probably because color changes are much more exciting.


How to void your warranty

MSDN just published an article telling people that it’s okay to use reserved fields in an internal structure. Anybody who does this has just voided their warranty. Please put a “This program has a high likelihood of crashing after you install the next Service Pack or upgrade your OS” in your license agreement. And you…


What is the window nesting limit?

In the old days, Windows didn’t bother enforcing a nesting limit because, well, if you want to nest windows 200 deep, that’s your decision. Many window operations are recursive, but since everything happened on the application’s stack, it was your own responsibility to make your stack big enough so it didn’t overflow. But Windows NT…


When marketing designs a screenshot

Have you checked out AMD’s ads for their AMD Athlon 64 FX processor? The copy reads, “My adrenalin fix isn’t what it used to be. Double the dose. AMD me.” And it has a picture of a tough-looking guy glaring at the camera, challenging the reader to do their worst. But take a look at…


Tinkering with the look

I’ve been tinkering with the look of the comments section, based on initial feedback. Took me a while but I think I found something that works pretty well.


The unsafe device removal dialog

In a comment, somebody asked what the deal was with the unsafe device removal dialog in Windows 2000 and why it’s gone in Windows XP. I wasn’t involved with that dialog, but here’s what I remember: The device was indeed removed unsafely. If it was a USB storage device, for example, there may have been…


The migration continues

Hey folks, this blog is moving to a new home. It’ll take me a while to set up shop there, though, so please be patient. Some time after the new year, the content will likely migrate to the new location.


Welcome to the New Old New Thing

Hey there, everybody. It’s going to take me a while to settle in, so please be patient. It seems I always celebrate a new blog by designing some insane multi-part series on some obscure aspect of Win32, so I think I’ll welcome this site with a series of articles that demonstrate various things you can…