Researchers discover link between music and drinking

A British scientific study shows that a bit of classical music can persuade diners to buy more fancy coffees, pricey wines and luxurious desserts. “North has shown that playing German or French music can persuade diners to buy wine from those countries.” I found this to be true in my experience. If you get two…


Why does the System Properties page round the memory size?

During Windows 95 beta testing, people ran the System Properties page and complained about “missing memory”. The Windows 95 System Properties page reports the amount of memory available to Windows as system memory, which is not necessarily the same as the amount of memory installed in your computer. For example, you may have an old…


Why can’t I use &-accelerators on the Start menu?

The first letter of the program is the accelerator and there’s nothing you can do about it. So if you have ten programs by Microsoft, they all use the accelerator “M”. (Yes I hate this too. The first thing I do after installing a Microsoft program is go into the Start menu and delete the…


What do the text label colors mean for files?

Blue means compressed; green means encrypted. This is an example of one of those “come on, it’s a tiny, simple feature” requests. Yes, the code to do this isn’t particularly complicated, but it adds another element of “Ha ha, I’m going to do something in a way that you will never be able to figure…


Why does my Advanced Options dialog say ON and OFF after every option?

Because Windows thinks a screenreader is running. If a screenreader is running, then the Advanced Options dialog will add “ON” and “OFF” to the end of each checkbox item so the screenreader program can read the state to a blind user.


Jag skrivar svenska inte so bra.

The nice thing about the schwa sound is that you don’t have to spell it. Many thanks to C-J Berg for fixing my Swedish spelling errors. I probably introduced some new ones here, though. But why Swedish? Well, it wasn’t Swedish initially. Many years ago, I saw an ad in the local newspaper that read,…


Jag taler lita svenska.

Attended my first formal Swedish lesson last night. It’s great to recapture the simultaneous thrill and frustration of trying to have a conversation in a language you don’t really know. It’s a small class – Swedish isn’t exactly one of the “big-name” languages out there. I always feel sorry for the student who can’t seem…


Why do I get spurious WM_MOUSEMOVE messages?

In order to understand this properly, it helps to know where WM_MOUSEMOVE messages come from. When the hardware mouse reports an interrupt, indicating that the physical mouse has moved, Windows determines which thread should receive the mouse move message and sets a flag on that thread’s input queue that says, “The mouse moved, in case…


Why is the readonly property for folders so strange?

It’s actually a signal to Explorer to look harder. It doesn’t mean that the directory is read-only. If a folder has the Readonly or System flag set, then Explorer will look for a desktop.ini file which describes the folder customizations. For performance reasons, Explorer does this only if the directory has the +R or +S…


In case people got the wrong impression

I really did enjoy my trip. I just like talking about the goofy things. I intend to go back to Sweden in the spring. I’m currently enrolled in Swedish lessons but this trip came far too soon for me to have learned anything useful aside from “tack”, “ursäkta” and “Jag taler inte svenska.” Though the…