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The weird stuff about Japan you were afraid to ask about. The Seldom-Asked Questions are interesting, but what I find the most fascinating is the pictures of various Japanese subcultures. [Raymond is currently on vacation; this message was pre-recorded.]


@-notation was never legal in HTTP URLs anyway

Some people are in an uproar over IE’s dropping of support for @ notation in HTTP URLs. What people fail to note is that The @ notation was never legal for HTTP URLs in the first place. If you go to RFC 1738 section 3.3 (HTTP), it explicitly states: An HTTP URL takes the form:…


Why an object cannot be its own enumerator

I’ve seen people using the following cheat when forced to implement an enumerator: class MyClass : public IDataObject, public IEnumFORMATETC, … { … HRESULT EnumFormatEtc(DWORD dwDirection, IEnumFORMATETC** ppenumOut) { _dwDirection = dwDirection; Reset(); *ppenumOut = this; AddRef(); return S_OK; } }; Why create a separate enumerator object when you can just be your own enumerator?…


A privacy policy that doesn’t actively offend me

I’ve ranted before about privacy policies and how they don’t actually protect your privacy. (All they’re required to do is disclose the policy; there is no requirement that the policy must be any good.) Today I read MetLife’s privacy policy and found to my surprise that it does not actively offend me. It’s written in…


The only logical conclusion is that he was cloned

Something is wrong with the world when fark finds something “real” news organizations miss. (When I first learned about fark, I confused it with FARC, a different organization entirely. That’s right, a terrorist organization has its own official web site. Gotta love the Internet.) Anyway, fark has pointed out that the guy that Pakistani forces claim today…


Why does the Resource Compiler complain about strings longer than 255 characters?

As we learned in a previous entry, string resources group strings into bundles of 16, each Unicode string in the bundle prefixed by a 16-bit length. Why does the Resource Compiler complain about strings longer than 255 characters? This is another leftover from 16-bit Windows. Back in the Win16 days, string resources were also grouped…


Catholic baseball fans want to eat meat on opening day

So it happens that Opening Day of the baseball season coincides with Good Friday, a day of “fasting and abstinence” according to Catholic tradition. (Then again, after Vatican II, the definition of “fasting and abstinence” weakened significantly. All that most people remember any more is “no meat”.) Catholics in Boston have applied to the archdiocese…


The car with no user-serviceable parts inside

For the first time, a team of women is challenged to develop a car, and the car they come up with requires an oil change only every 50,000 kilometers and doesn’t even have a hood, so you can’t poke around the engine. To me, a car has no user-serviceable parts inside. The only times I…


Why is the line terminator CR+LF?

This protocol dates back to the days of teletypewriters. CR stands for “carriage return” – the CR control character returned the print head (“carriage”) to column 0 without advancing the paper. LF stands for “linefeed” – the LF control character advanced the paper one line without moving the print head. So if you wanted to…


On a server, paging = death

Chris Brumme’s latest treatise contained the sentence “Servers must not page”. That’s because on a server, paging = death. I had occasion to meet somebody from another division who told me this little story: They had a server that went into thrashing death every 10 hours, like clockwork, and had to be rebooted. To mask…