2018 year-end link clearance

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  1. That Linus Tech Tips video is dated Aug 2, 2017. I’m just a little confused why it is on the 2018 list.

    1. You think that’s old? The icicle research is from 1994!

  2. skSdnW says:

    If you want a Modern Web example, click the soviets secret map link, it gives me a sign up “dialog” that covers the entire page.

  3. Entegy says:

    Happy new year!

  4. Gee Law says:

    The KB article on Message Recall made my morning :)

  5. Here are excerpts from Soviet maps over Stockholm and other cities in Sweden:

    Also, if you want to practice your Swedish, here is an interesting story about suspected Spetsnaz operatives sighted in Sweden:

  6. cheong00 says:

    Btw, before reading the KB, I thought the recall message of Outlook would be processed by Exchange as well (if the message is still in the mailbox of same organization).

    There was a time that Outlook was distributed with Exchange Server therefore I thought Exchange will pickup any enhancement which Outlook adds.

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