How do I save the results of a file search in Explorer? Not the query itself, but the results

Say you perform a file/folder search in Explorer and you get the results. How do you save the results? That is, save the list of files that were found.

This is not the same as saving the query, which you can do by going to the Search tab and selecting 💾 Save search.

To save the results, you can select all of them, say with the ⊞ Select all button, and then shift-right-click on the selection and say Copy as path. This will put all the paths on the clipboard, and you can save them wherever you like.

It's not exactly the most obvious thing, but it's a neat trick once you know it.

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  1. Gee Law says:

    Another trick: Select all and Copy, then go to a folder and Paste shortcut.

  2. tballard says:

    How wierd is it to use a Floppy Disk as a Save icon?

    1. skSdnW says:

      Back in the day you had all your files on a floppy. Weirder is how a funnel is used as the icon to filter something since a funnel does not filter away anything.

      1. Ah, but it is quite common for funnels e.g. for fuel to contain filters inline.

  3. nikos z says:

    or get a decent file manager :)

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