Anything is a soldering kit if you’re brave enough: The MOnSter 6502

Eric Shlaepfer wrote

So, I made a thing. A really big thing. Really big and really crazy.

What he created was a working transistor-scale replica of the MOS 6502 processor. Its name: MOnSter 6502.

There's something amazing about debugging at the transistor level.

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  1. Ah, the return of blinkenlights!

    One of my buddies, who works on the Excel team, keeps meaning to emulate a chip like this.
    Yes, in Excel.

    1. Yukkuri says:

      I like the cut of your buddy’s gib

  2. philiplu says:

    That’s wonderful. Nice that it’s using the same MOSFET technology as the original so it’s pretty much a 1-to-1 copy.

    There’s also a room-size 16-bit discrete CPU –

  3. nathan_works says:

    oh man. I remember wiring up a 6502 in the 90s in digital electronics class. Getting to drive the oscilloscope from hand-coded (and hand-entered) hex assembly was a thrill of accomplishment.

  4. Ray Koopa says:

    Do we still have the accurate Pac-Man-Excel clone, with cells being pixels? Not sure if it was called Pac-xel.

  5. Stephen Hewitt says:

    It’s hard to think of anything more manly.

  6. Chris says:

    “So what does it do?”
    “That’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t DO anything.”

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