Internal training video on expense reports contains inconsistency: Alert the media!

I was watching an internal training video on proper handling of expense reports. The narrator says, "This is a small expense report, and everything looks good."

But everything does not look good. The expense report says Meals: USD $14, but the receipt is for a $153 flat-screen monitor.

Was this a test? I'm not sure.

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  1. SimonRev says:

    Perhaps he ate ~10% of the monitor as part of a business meal, but saved the rest for personal consumption.

  2. Brian says:

    Hey, the instructions said “include a receipt”, so he did.

  3. Aged .Net Guy says:

    From the company’s POV that is a good expense report. The employee just donated $139 to the shareholders. Ka-ching!

  4. cheong00 says:

    Would you file a bug report for that? :P

  5. Steve says:

    If only they paid as much attention to detail as you are known to do, Raymond!

  6. Dave says:

    >Meals: USD $14, but the receipt is for a $153 flat-screen monitor.

    What’s worse, when he ordered his $14 item (a nice piece of fish), the waiter brought him a flaming phone book…

  7. Robert Hall says:

    Who in their right mind buys a $153 monitor? It’s probably a screen with a small TN panel. Instead buy a high quality screen with high resolution and a good panel type (IPS or derivative). Just don’t buy these cheap crap monitors, if you’re paying less than $1000 for a screen, you’re doing it wrong.

    1. Boris says:

      Are you assuming that everyone has specialized requirements on desktop computer displays or a one-size-fits-all home system? There is a huge difference between buying monitors for word processing/internet/coding and gaming/films/computer graphics. Between the various iDevices and a 4K OLED TV, I don’t even have a current PC at home.

    2. Klimax says:

      Spending 1000USD is nuts unless you are graphical designer or similar. For 95% of cases just 200USD is more then enough to get nice IPS or better screen. For 500USD you can get nice 4K calibrated semi-professional monitor

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