I don’t know how I managed to be presenting at the same conference as Dona Sarkar

Dona Sarkar is an aspiring fashion designer, a fashion blogger, a book author, and head of the Windows Insiders program.

She's also way cooler than I will ever be. Here's her proposed title slide for one of her presentations at the Build 2018 conference

Maybe if I hang out with her enough, some of the cool will rub off.

On the other hand, in Mary Jo Foley's preview coverage of Build 2018, she called out four speakers: The three keynote speakers, and me.

So like no pressure or anything.

The event organizers instructed the speakers to upload a photo and brief biography, with the note: "Your biography should be 150 words or less (including spaces)."

"Including spaces"? What does that even mean?

I didn't count the spaces. They appeared to accept the biography anyway.

¹ Thankfully no longer styled as //build/, though the three slashes are still present in the conference logo design.

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  1. Damien says:

    “Your biography should be 150 words or less (including spaces).”.

    I spent several years learning my craft. Then a few years doing, I dunno, nothing much. Now I’m onto X.

    1. DWalker07 says:

      That sounds similar to “Please line up alphabetically by height”.

  2. Wear says:

    Did you know that you were infamous?

    Also I bet the “(including spaces).” is a partial re-write issue. It originally said X characters or less (Including spaces) but then someone changed it to words and forgot to remove the second part.

  3. Dave says:

    I like how in the lower right corner of the PowerPoint slide is “Hell’s this for?”

  4. Jake says:

    I prefer to read their comment as: “It should be 150-ish words, and you need to include spaces in them, BecauseSomeJerkPutTooManyWordsIntoHisBiographyLastYearByAbusingCamelCaseAndWeWouldPreferYouNotDoThatPlease.”

  5. Pierre B. says:

    They were just reminding people that “spaces” is a word. Maybe?

  6. crossslide says:

    In calculating “words per minute” for typing speed a “word” is for some reason usually defined as any five characters including spaces, so maybe this was the definition in use?

  7. Adrian says:

    For the pedants: s/less/fewer/

  8. smf says:


  9. Gary Keramidas says:

    like it or not, you are famous. you need to do more “one dev minute” segments on channel 9. if nobody asks a question, make one up yourself.

  10. florian says:

    From https://news.microsoft.com/stories/people/dona-sarkar.html:

    “Ever used the handy File Explorer tool in Windows? It’s Sarkar’s work.”

    (Hovering the Windows Explorer taskbar icon in Windows 10 with the mouse, the appearing tooltip says “File Explorer”.)

    Wow. Wooww. I mean: woooooowwwww!

    And you, Raymond, what are you doing all day? Marketing stuff? Hell’s your work? :)

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