Yes, that was a horrifically awkward video, but it wasn’t the Windows 95 launch

If you search YouTube for "Windows 95 launch", you'll find many copies of this video:

This is commonly identified as having been recorded at the Windows 95 launch, but it wasn't. The Windows 95 launch featured Jay Leno and the stage looked like this. If nothing else, you can see that Bill is wearing a different shirt.

So yes, it's a bunch of people dancing like dorks, but it wasn't the Windows 95 launch. My guess is that it was some sort of sales event.

One of my friends remarked, "Sure, the dancing is horrible, but I don't think the dabbing generation is in any position to criticize another person's dancing."

Windows 95 released to manufacturing on August 24, 1995.

We'll return to the Alpha AXP tomorrow.

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  1. pc says:

    Happy 22nd Birthday, Windows 95! Amazing how time flies by…

  2. Antonio Rodríguez says:

    I was like “where’s part 14 of the AXP series?”, until I realized that today is August 24th. Happy birthday!

    Yes, time flies. But Windows 95 looks surprisingly modern for a piece of software that is 22 years old. Most of the elements introduced in ’95 (the Start button/menu, Explorer-like file manager, control panel, notification [“tray”] area…) are still in use today. Give it to a teenager born ten years after its launch, and they will get up to speed in no time. Then, try the same with Windows 3.x, OS/2’s Workplace Shell or “classic” X-Windows (the versions before the introduction of the “system bar”), and see the kid struggle to open a document.

  3. 12BitSlab says:

    I would criticize Bill’s dancing, but I am a far worse dancer. I worked as a musician for 15 years to pay my way through school and a bunch of other stuff. When you are the one on stage all the time, you never quite learn how to dance. Even my youngest granddaughter (3 years old) laughs at the way I dance.

  4. Oh, I do have extremely fond memories of Windows 95. I also have a few virtual Windows 95 PCs I occasionally play with today.

    1. Neil says:

      I still have a real Windows 95 PC… but it’s OSR2, so maybe it doesn’t count?

      1. Ian Yates says:

        My favourite version of win 95 to be sure.

  5. Killer{R} says:

    How anybody could think its a true Win’95 launch video? It even doesn’t present BSOD.

    1. skSdnW says:

      BSOD was a USB scanner? on Win98.

  6. John McCormick says:

    I was working as a contractor at Microsoft back when Windows 95 was launched. I remember hearing the festivities in the big tent as I walked by.

  7. Lennart says:

    Honorable mention: Bill Gates’ Doom promo video:

  8. ChDF T says:

    The top left corner of the video is watermarked with the logo of “Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen” (ZDF), one of the state owned television channels/broadcasters in Germany. Since they don’t broadcast sales events (there are strict regulations on advertisements on state owned television channels), I guess that this is a clip shown as flashback as part of a news segment (which would explain why the video is cut so short).
    Interestingly, the logo visible in the video was introduced in 2001 (, ~6 years after the Windows 95 launch.
    Therefore, I would assume something noteworthy happened at that event, though I have no idea what.

  9. Craig says:

    >I don’t think the dabbing generation is in any position to criticize another person’s dancing.

  10. Cube 8 says:

    At 5:30, are you, Raymond, in there somewhere?

  11. smf says:

    What I don’t understand is that in a company with so many technically literate employees, that someone there doesn’t have the entire event in high definition & distribute it yearly.

    1. Surely there must be an iPhone video of this event from 1995!

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