Urban and suburban camouflage

When you have a city, you also need infrastructure, but the buildings for that infrastructure tend to be ugly, so you now have the need to camouflage your infrastructure as something inoffensive. And not just utilities need camouflage. An oil company might need to disguise a well.

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  1. Steven Don says:

    That last one is not found. Or maybe the page is disguised as a 404.

    It is a cool concept. Now I’m actively wondering whether any such buildings exist in my area.

    1. IanBoyd says:


  2. morlamweb says:

    “2017 mid-year link clearance: municipal infrastructure edition”.

    Some of the tall buildings in my area have cell tower antennas fasted to their four corners. The antenna arrays are unobtrusive enough that you don’t notice them at first, but if you stop to look at the buildings, then they stand out readily (despite their attempts to mimic the building’s brick exterior).

  3. cheong00 says:

    In Hong Kong, because of land price we can’t afford to build buildings that wide for MTR ventilation shaft, so we have something like this instead.


  4. xcomcmdr says:

    Didn’t know at all this was a thing. Fascinating !

  5. Dave Taylor says:

    The first buildings in Edinburgh’s New Town were Thistle Court. Nos 1 & 2 are now offices, but 3 & 4 were gutted some time in the 1960s and turned into a substation.

  6. Rick says:

    In central Amsterdam there is a complete church hidden in a centuries old warehouse “Our dear lord in the attic” https://www.opsolder.nl/en.

  7. parkrrrr says:

    Verizon is doing a pilot program in the city where I live, involving large numbers of much smaller cells. Each cell is a utility pole with a single small antenna structure on top, and with various utility boxes mounted at about eye level. The ones in my neighborhood are fairly obtrusive because all of the normal utilities are underground. I imagine that they mostly blend in in older neighborhoods.
    There was some tension when they were first installed, because homeowners would step out of their houses one day and discover that a pole had been planted in their front yard (in pre-existing utility easements) without any notice. Fortunately, Verizon’s contractor turned out to be fairly receptive to relocating their poles upon the receipt of a complaint.

  8. Dave says:

    Germany built large numbers of bunkers disguised as houses, in some cases entire villages, e.g. the OKH HQ in Zossen: https://www.landmarkscout.com/okh-headquarters-maybach-i-and-communications-bunker-zeppelin-at-zossen-wunsdorf-germany/

  9. Erkin Alp Güney says:

    Electric transformer disguised as huge present package (İzmir, TR)

  10. D-Coder says:

    Cell tower categories include monopole (obvious), monopalm, and monopine. Really.

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