Not interested in college basketball? No problem. Follow the Name of the Year 2017 bracket

Name of the Year celebrates people with great names. In the 2016 final, Pope McCorkle III, defeated Sweet Orefice with a 5% margin of victory. The year before that: Amanda Miranda Panda defeated Lancelot Supersad, Jr by a commanding 15%.

This year's top four seeds:

  • Kobe Buffalomeat
  • Marmaduke Trebilcock
  • Chardonnay Pantastico
  • Quindarious Monday

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Comments (2)
  1. Scarlet Manuka says:

    I’m not sure how I have not managed to come across this before.

    I see that 1992’s winner was Excellent Raymond. But some Raymonds don’t have to rely on their names for excellence :)

    1. GWO says:

      Not sure how I haven’t come across it either. On a hunch I went to check if my favourite current celebrity name was ever in the competition. And lo, in 2009 Barkevious Mingo actually won!

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