Want to include a gift message with your tires? Nice try.

I learned that Costco online doesn't allow gift messages for car tires.

Happy anniversary, honey!

Disclaimer: Not actually my anniversary.

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  1. Ryan Phelps says:

    Best. Disclaimer. Ever.

  2. flo says:

    Is it the anniversary of your car … ? ;-)

  3. user says:

    I think it’s just trying to save people from themselves. Giving one’s spouse car tires for their anniversary is the #4 leading cause of divorce in the US.

  4. Martin Ibert says:

    Should that not be “our” anniversary rather than “my” anniversary?

    1. Stephen says:

      No. That’s confusing. Is it the reader’s and Raymond’s anniversary?

    2. Stephen says:

      On further thought the use of the word “honey” does provide the context which would allow the use of “our”.

    3. Malcolm says:

      I’m tired of all the nitpicking. Wheel end up descending into bad puns at this rate.

      Let’s roll on and talk about something else …

      1. GWO says:

        I was going to say how I preferred tires when they where attached to the axle with thin rods. But I’m afraid I misspoke.

        1. D-Coder says:

          Let’s get back to talking about drivers.

  5. David Steckler says:

    Unfortunately, I probably got to you too late…but never buy tires at Costco. The tires are great and all, with great prices (like all things Costco)…but unlike all other things Costco, their tire service is horrifyingly bad. Like a 3 week wait time to get a leak repaired. I was literally told: “tire repair doesn’t make money, so we schedule all tire sales and installation ahead of previous customers.” Yes. The dude behind the counter actually said that.

    Three weeks out was the next non-new-customer-install opening they had (this was Issaquah – YMMV elsewhere). I tried escalating to the store manager, but they “couldn’t find the manager, probably out on the floor, sorry”.

    I still love Costco for everything else they do but I will seriously never, ever, shop for tires anywhere but Les Schwab, ever again.

  6. DSN says:

    What about a git message?

  7. Ian Yates says:

    I read this first as “Contoso” and immediately tried to remember what Contoso normally sold (like how AdventureWorks sells bikes, etc).

    Second reading made it much more clear :)

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