What little kids think of lifeguards

We had extended family over for a visit, and we decided to take everybody to the public swimming pool. While waiting in line, the kids (ages 4 through 7) somehow got onto the topic of lifeguards.

Six-year-old: "I hate lifeguards. Whenever you do something fun, they tell you to stop."

Four-year-old: "I hate lifeguards, too. They made me stop hopping. But I didn't fall down! When I grow up, I want to be a lifeguard, so I can yell at people."

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  1. cheong00 says:

    I wonder why children found “can yell at people” attractive.

    Perhaps it could be nice experience to tell the child to yell at people for the whole day, and see if they’ll get tired to do that.

    1. “I and the public know
      What all schoolchildren learn,
      Those to whom evil is done
      Do evil in return.”

      —W. H. Auden

    2. Scarlet Manuka says:

      Perhaps it’s because they’re frequently on the receiving end of being yelled at, so they’d like to be on the dishing out end instead?

      In any case, you should reassure them that there are many more occupations in which you can get away with yelling at people, so they don’t need to commit to any one thing yet.

      1. 12BitSlab says:

        If children want to grow up and regularly yell at people, I would suggest being a head coach of a men’s, college basketball team. All yelling — all the time!

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