Follow-up: The bus that straddles traffic

In 2010, the world was amazed at the traffic-straddling bus, whose inventors announced plans to begin work "as soon as 2011".

And then the world forgot about this invention that left them so breathless just moments ago.

And then, in 2016, the world was amazed at the traffic-straddling bus, which conceded that it currently just runs "back and forth on a short, straight stretch of road."

And then the world forgot about this invention that left them so breathless just moments ago.

Well, it turns out that the traffic-straddling bus is sitting abandoned over half of a four-lane road. Shortly after the announcement in 2016, the company was accused of swindling its investors. The company stopped answering the phone. The office doors are locked.

I wonder if the world will be amazed by their next promotional video.

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  1. RaceProUK says:

    “I wonder if the world will be amazed by their next promotional video.”

    They will, so long as it involves a traffic-straddling bus :)

  2. Medinoc says:

    This thing always felt more appropriate for a tramway than a bus to me.

    1. cheong00 says:

      @Medinoc: Agreed. An overhead train system would stand a better chance of survival, if the construction cost could be overcome.

      1. Benjamin says:

        You mean like the elevated trains that have been running in Chicago since 1892?

        1. cheong00 says:

          Something like that. Given there is space limitation, the rail could be built along and above the center of mainstream roads and have footbridges connect to the ground at stations. Make it circular lines so there will not be need to build line in reverse direction, further saving the cost to build rails and platforms.

  3. Muzer says:

    Reminds me of plenty of crowdfunded projects I won’t mention…

    1. Ray Koopa says:

      Did I really just find Worms (Armageddon) player “Muzer” in here? Wow… that’s amazing!

      Anyway, yeah. Just let them open a Kickstarter thing next time, getting all the hype again.

  4. benibela says:

    That reminds me of Microsoft Bob

    1. xcomcmdr says:

      I REALLY fail to see why… ?!

  5. cheong00 says:

    Even if it’s not crowdfunding project, and the idea is genuine, a new funded company can still vanish in a year or so unless backed by the government (not necessarily financially, but has to have government officials offer “green light” on various things).

    Welcome to China.

    That said, I found the design of bus a bit problematic to run on roads of China.

    First is the height of the bus. Unless the bus only runs on road at countryside, the bus won’t pass the flyovers, that means it won’t run inside the cities. And then seems it won’t turn at street corners. Both of this makes the bus only possible to run at inter-cities roads. However on these roads the vehicles running there are most buses and trucks, that means the bus would need to be about 1.5m taller.

    Then again unless during Chinese new year, those mainstream roads are not that traffic congested to make the invention desirable.

    I’d say it’s somewhat doomed to fail in the very beginning.

  6. bmm6o says:

    The idea has obvious appeal, who hasn’t sat in traffic wishing they had a way to drive above the other cars. The restrictions though are so obvious and limiting it seems like the city would have to be built around the idea. Where could you plausibly deploy this?

  7. Francesco says:

    It seems to me that you are completely missing the vision. Just think about it. A future where normal cars are stuck in the traffic and there are traffic-straddling buses freely running everywhere. So much everywhere, in fact, that they will be stuck in traffic, too and so the need will arise for buses able to go over traffic-straddling buses (double straddling buses). And the best part is that the whole story can be repeated ad libitum…

    1. Mike says:

      Buses all the way down?

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