Man, this housing downturn is hitting everyone, follow-up

Back in 2008, I remarked on a house for sale on Mercer Island, described in the original listing as 22,000 square-foot, having five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, two swimming pools, and a place to park your 140-foot yacht. At the time, it was marked down to $35 million from $40 million.

The house was eventually sold in 2010 for $12 million, less than a third of the original asking price. Here's another view. (Note also that the official records don't agree with what was claimed in the listing. As a general rule, never believe anything a real estate agent tells you.)

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  1. jgh says:

    More bathrooms than bedrooms??? WTF type of architects do they use over there?

    1. French Guy says:

      Maybe they’re separating toilets and bath/showers and counting all of them (full separation would make it 10, so we can assume one of the bedrooms has a combined bathroom).

    2. SimonRev says:

      Actually, for a (extreme) luxury house that doesn’t seem too strange. If you assume that each bedroom as a private attached bathroom, you will also need a few general-use bathrooms in the house. One general use bathroom per 5000 square feet is actually kind of stingy if you think about it.

      1. Brian_EE says:

        There’s probably at least 1 by each pool (2). 1 for each bedroom (+5) which makes 7. So 2 other bathrooms in the rest of the house.

        I have three bathrooms in my 3000 ft house (Bedroom, Bedroom and general use). If I scaled my house up to 22,000 ft, I would need 21 bathrooms, right?

        1. user says:

          I don’t think a linear scaling makes sense. Otherwise you’d also have 14 bedrooms.

  2. Andrew says:

    >As a general rule, never believe anything a real estate agent tells you.

    It’s a well-known sentiment, but I’m glad nonetheless to have such an authoritative source to cite for it!

  3. Scarlet Manuka says:

    One of the linked sites estimates its value at over $18 million, the other at $9.5 million. Bit of a difference there!

    Also, it appears to have lost two bedrooms and two bathrooms over the years; both sites say it has three bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

  4. smf says:

    >As a general rule, never believe anything a real estate agent tells you.

    Strange one got elected as POTUS

    1. Yukkuri says:

      It is BECAUSE he is so willing to brazenly lie and never retreat from his lies that he got elected… so he isn’t a counterexample.

    2. D-Coder says:

      That’s what happens when people ignore the rule!

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