It is a great deal and not a great deal, both at the same time

Alas, Schrödinger's cat carrier is sold out.

Is it a real product or a fake product? Or is it both real and fake at the same time, up until the moment you open the box and look inside?

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  1. Ar says:

    The question is irrelevant, as one cannot make statements outside the context of measurement. Hence that is also the only correct answer according to the Copenhagen Interpretation. That also means statements that it is both at the same time until measured are factual incorrect, despite it indeed often explained as such. It is actually the most commenly mistake made when discussing QM. One however cannot make ***any*** statement about actual state, outside of probabilities (unless one abandons the Copenhagen Interpretation) based on knowledge acquired from previous measurements.

    That said, Schrödinger’s himself argued that the cat probably was dead long before the box was opened provided one waited long enough. You just cannot tell for sure though, and hence shouldn’t try and claim either way.

    Back to the joke, it therefore obviously is fake. Since it is sold out, it is unmeasurable :-)

  2. cheong00 says:

    I’m curious about what the original price is, but no, curiosity killed the cat.

    1. Dave says:

      You can always DIY one, as this guy did:

  3. alegr1 says:

    >curiosity killed the cat
    Do you mean the cat died when someone curious decided to measure its state?

    1. Muzer says:

      Yep, they tried to measure its state using the Mars rover.

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