Some friendly advice from the Redmond Public Safety department on nighttime nude jogging

Just sharing a public service message.

Redmond Public Safety
Monday, January 30, 2017

Friendly Police Department Tip #001 - Nightly Nude Jogging:

On Jan 27th at 3:30am, an officer on the south side of a large corporate campus near 15320 NE 40 St observed an unknown male running outside. After seeing nude buttocks illuminated by a street light, she and another officer contacted the jogger, who was wearing nothing but black Sketcher sneakers. Concerned for the cold weather, he was placed in a patrol vehicle.

When questioned, he stated "he was trying to build up his immune system to fight the cold weather".

In case you weren't aware, nude jogging could be considered indecent exposure. In this instance, he was not charged, as there were no victims.

We do not have pictures to share of this incident. You are welcome.

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  1. French Guy says:

    He’s lucky he didn’t get arrested and put on the sex offender registry.

  2. Medinoc says:

    I remember hearing about a case where some woman was laughed out of court while suing a nude jogger for indecent exposure, in no small part because she had learned where the guy was used to jogging and went there specifically to be “shocked” by the dreadful sight and sue the guy over it.

  3. Antonio Rodríguez says:

    Is this dated January 30? Frankly, the tone is more appropriate for a note signed on April 1…

    As for the poor guy, he may not know that for some designs the only difference between being considered obscene or fashionable is the absence or presence of a sports clothing company on it…

  4. Mike F says:

    Raymond, we all know you were the jogger. Just admit it.

  5. Florian S. says:

    This reminds me of a conversation that I just had with a friend of mine who administrates a game server. He told me how people are shocked that there is a “full nude” setting in the game, and that many want it to be off. We both are in disbelief now: Where is the logic in “it’s offending to show male and female private parts, but it’s fine to display violence and blood splatter on the screen”? Well, so much about “indecent exposure”.

    Now, I’m not a nudist, but what’s wrong with nude jogging, and how can there be victims? I mean, a victim to witness a human being in its natural state? Okay, we all know there are many folks that we rather do not like to see this way, but so what? Just don’t watch. Not everybody who shows his or her private parts is a sex offender or the like, but I see the scare tactics are in place and working.

    To come back to the game: He certainly left the “full nude” setting in its ON state. :) But he really misses a “no violence” and “no blood” setting.

    1. GWO says:

      I’m reminded of one time I watched The Godfather on Lifetime or someother daytime movie channel. We saw Sonny beat up Carlo in the street (granted, one of the worst pulled-punches every shot) and then (SPOILER ALERT) Sonny shot to death at the turnpike … but the brief shot of Michael’s fiancee’s nipples – heavily pixelated.

  6. hegel5000 says:

    I want to mention that there are sufficiently loose, light, drafty pairs of running shorts on the market that this man could get virtually the same immune-system preparation without worrying about offending anybody.

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