Mathematical term or Hollywood movie?

Another little quiz.

Mathematical term Hollywood movie
The Killing Fields
Killing Field
The Levi-Civita Connection
The Bourne Identity
The Fredholm Alternative
The Matrix

Today is the start of the 2016 International Math Olympiad. Best of luck to all entrants!

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  1. Karellen says:

    Other fun candidates:

    The X Effect (Butterfly – both!, Zero – movie)
    The X Paradox (Plenty of math terms. Hollywood must have made a movie called “The [something] paradox” at some point)
    Chaos X

    1. Ivan K says:

      “Justice_League: The Flashpoint Paradox” Bit too niche for me to watch, but apparently it has a rotten tomato score of 100%.
      And I’m surprised there’s no movie called “The Twin Paradox” (although that could be more physics than math). That could be anything from a wacky comedy to a techathriller.

  2. JAHA says:

    Add a column for “‘The Big Bang Theory’ Episode Name”

    1. It’s mathematics, not physics.

      The only ones that can be construed as math-like are “The Tangerine Factor”, “The Euclid Alternative” and “The Line Substitution Solution”.

  3. henke37 says:

    This reminds me of You don’t know jack, that game series likes this setup.

  4. Batman says:

    Spiked Math has done a fun series of movie title identifications from mathematical things. For example, P(Monday intersect Tuesday) = P(Monday) P(Tuesday) for Independence Day.

  5. Kramii says:

    Transcendence (both)
    The Life of Pi (movie)
    Fractals (both)
    Element (both)
    The Bell Curve (both)
    Mean (mathematics)
    Mean Girls (movie)
    Power (mathematics)
    Range (mathematics)
    Power Rangers (movie)
    Traverse (mathematics)
    Brief Crossing (movie)
    Proof (both)
    Parameter Space (mathematics)
    Lost in Space (movie)
    Lost in Parameter Space (neither)

  6. Richard says:

    the matrix is questionable

    1. DWalker says:

      The Matrix is real! If you take the blue pill. (Or is it the red pill?)

  7. Sorbus says:

    “The Ravenscar Profile” would also be a great thriller title (not mathematical in origin though; it’s a real-time optimized subset of Ada).

    “The Monster Group” would also be a good film title.

  8. John Doe says:

    Somehow, the first time I read “Best of luck to all errants!”

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