2016 mid-year link clearance

Here it is again: The semi-annual link clearance.

And the obligatory plug for my appearances on One Dev Minute:

If you want to propose a question for One Dev Minute, put it in the comments below. Remember, the question needs to be answerable in one minute! (And, of course, remember that I'm on the engineering side of things, not the marketing/business side.)

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  1. vince says:

    At least Kerbal Space Program for the Apple II doesn’t seem to have any copy protection.

  2. Oh, my God! Raymond, you are totally adhering to the link intuitiveness rule. That is awesome. (There is only submarine link in this post and that’s totally justifiable.)

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Also did I say “thank you” for fixing your blog’s font problem? If not, “thanks”.

  3. Don Reba says:

    Someone certainly should do a real study on whether kissing boo-boos is effective.

    1. Oliver says:

      If you’ve ever had a child, you would know that such a study would be useless. Of course it’s effective, otherwise why would mama do it?

  4. Ray Koopa says:

    And then I once worked at this weird company using .NET with functions returning booleans all over the place, even forgetting to check the return value, just because the dinosaur of a boss says “Qb abg guebj rkprcgvbaf!”

  5. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I had always imagined your voice sounding more deep and somewhat gravelly, kind of like Garrison Keillor. Fun watching the videos though, you’ve always got great stories to tell!

    1. Ray Koopa says:

      Did you see the Defrag Tools episodes with him? They’re really interesting. And Raymond’s voice is indeed nothing like a thermonuclear device.

    2. Bob says:

      It is so much like Raymond Chen to have recorded a large number of “One Dev Minute” at once and then post them one-at-a-time monthly.

  6. DWalker says:

    Robert Cook’s write-up of the assault on the code was funny and fascinating.

    I am humbled by his knowledge and perseverance!

    1. DWalker says:

      Ack. That wasn’t Robert Cook’s crack; that was 4am’s crack. Sorry about that.

  7. Joshua says:

    So I reducing down the problem that plagued me for a week I end up with this: “How do I read standard input asynchronously?” I finally ended up spinning up a new thread just to call ReadFIle and when I need to bail out I call CancelSynchronousIo but that’s rather memory intensive.

    As for Maternal Kisses, it doesn’t work because you’re studying it.

    1. DWalker says:

      It doesn’t work because you’re studying it… that means it’s affected by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle!

      Kisses do work to reduce pain; the mind is a powerful thing.

  8. Mark S says:

    If you enjoyed the detective story and want to read some past posts from Raymond: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20110202-00/?p=11613/

    “This is even more crazily insidious because the OVERLAPPED structure and the buffer are updated by the I/O subsystem, which means that it happens from kernel mode. This means that write breakpoints set by your debugger won’t fire. Even if you manage to narrow down the corruption to “it happens somewhere in this function”, your breakpoints will never see it as it happens. You’re going to see that the value was good, then a little while later, the value was bad, and yet your write breakpoint never fired. You’re then going to declare that the world has gone mad and seriously consider a different line of work. “

  9. Anonymuos says:

    I wish there was freeware tool to automatically move the just-created window to where the mouse pointer was, meaning, it appeared on the monitor with the mouse pointer instead of the user having to move the pointer to whatever monitor it appeared on.

  10. I’ve always spelled out the letters O-L-E when pronouncing OLE in my head, I had no idea anyone pronounced it like the Spanish word olé. (Re: Why are there four functions for converting strings to GUIDs?)

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